What I did on my Summer Vacation 2013

Summer in the Okanagan is expected to be hot but this Summers heat has been accentuated with higher then normal humidity and a lot of 35C+ days.  When the temperature gets up that high (never mind feeling like we are still in Vancouver with the humidity), my daydreams go to those of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and cool Fall mornings on my favourite cafe’s patios.  This is especially heightened this year with the upgrades along Bernard Avenue in Kelowna to widen sidewalks and increase the size of patios.

Health and Wellness

My Summer has unfortunately been one that has left me unmotivated, sad and really needing down and alone time.  I have always been a thinker and have had my ongoing battles with depression and anxiety over the years.  While I feel as though the bulk of my anxiety was released from my chest last Summer, it was a real eye opener for me to feel what I did, the intensity and the duration of it with the passing of my beloved companion.

Feeling as much as I did may very well be from the amount of healing I have done on and off over the years.  I am currently in the 17 year anniversary of the weekend from hell when I literally went numb for well over a decade and as evident in my holistic healing sessions, I am still healing from.  The numbness had me feeling very cold around death because I never felt anything while people around me wept.  When my cat died, it was as if every tear I had not shed since that weekend was released from a major break of the damn.

Shedding of Emotional and Physical Weight

During my time of grieving, I took a step from my desire to lose weight.  I had been so focused on losing weight for so long that I felt I needed to come at it from a different angle.  I took Systems Analysis type courses through college and realize that we often presented with the symptoms of problems but not heart of the problem itself.

I know the fat around my middle is a security blanket but until my healing sessions leading up to and over this Summer, had no idea I had been holding onto something so tightly which I finally started letting go of.  It is something the death of my cat seemed to really stir up and although his death really broke my heart, I am thankful for the catalyst of changes that have occurred since.

The last session I had was probably the most bizarre session I have had to date.  By mid-July, I was finally starting to move on and life started to normalize after a horrible start to my Summer.  Then I burned the crap out of my mouth, over and over and over with the pan friend potatoes of the Smoked Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benny I had made for dinner one night.  After burning myself several times, I wondered if the heat would ever come out of those damn potatoes!

For about two weeks I was in excruciating pain where the site of a tooth extraction from four years ago became very swollen and infected.  While this was going on, my sinuses were flaring up and as the pain and swelling in my mouth was going down, my ear started to ache.  We are going on five weeks now of clearing this up which in turn is also clearing a lot of old emotional junk out of the closet.  I feel like a changed man from that one session and very curious to see how I feel once this infection completely clears up.

I admit that I did not have much of an appetite after my kitty died and it was hard to eat solid food from the flare up in my mouth.  Since my cat has died, I have lost just shy of 20 pounds.  Shortly before life started to blow up in May, I set a goal of: Weight to 215 lbs by August 19th, 2013.  I am currently down to 217 and although I only missed my goal by two pounds, I have mixed feelings about declaring it a failure or a success.  I will take it for what it is and set my next weight loss goal.


There was an evening over the Summer that I happened to sit down at my desk and started re-arranging the cut outs for my Dreamboard on the old busted white board I had fixed up for it.  This was not something I consciously sat down to do and was just in the office to put something away.  About two hours into doing this, I decided I might as well start taping them onto the board since I knew the pieces kept moving from wind and/or my (other) cat jumping up onto my desk.  Not until I was done did I even realize what I was doing!

I have only taped about half of the pieces I placed that day and currently what I have in total only covers just over half the board.  I know there are several pieces I am need to find and will have to go on a search for them.

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner:

The downside of the ups and downs and the healing I have undertaken since May is that it has unfortunately put my becoming a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner on hold.  While it is disappointing that four months have passed during this detour in my life, I am very happy and thankful to be where I am today.  When I have not felt healthy myself (emotionally or physically), I feel as though it is hypocritical of me to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone starting in September to start making money as a Practitioner.  I need to be balanced for it to allow myself the space to make mistakes, be slow at first, know that I won’t know everything and that learning is a lifelong process.  When I was at work on Friday, I sent off the information for my business cards to the graphic designer, donated four sessions for door prizes to two events and contemplating also handing out half prize session coupons as door prizes.

I am thankful my Father will be paying for another two SIPS courses coming up at the end of September that I am really looking forward to.  I wish I could somehow swing N.O.T. 2&3 in November but short of a miracle, they will have to wait until next year.

Boxer Quilt

I look forward to the day I can cross this off my list.  I have been wanting to re-purpose our office into a “healing and hobbies room”.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks for working on some of my hobbies is space.

Moving forward

My apologies for my absence and this scattered post.

Life is settling down, the temperatures are cooling off and we are heading into my favourite season of the year – Fall.  I will start re-working my goals over the next couple of weeks which will include my getting back into blogging and taking photos on a regular basis.

I write this post as a completely different person from the post I wrote in May.  I am calmer, more at ease and lighter both emotionally and physically.  For the first time in over a decade, I have future life goals which become clearer by the day.

I want to live a healthy, holistic and minimalist life.

Having worked in corporations, been a corporate Vancouver Starbux junkie (2+ times/day) and wanting at one point to acquire an MBA, I never thought I would get to a place in life where I want to be a hippie, living off the land and as anti-corporation as I have become.

It used to be that technology and climbing corporate ladders excited me and now, it’s looking at pictures of fresh produce and wanting to learn more about sustainable farming that gets me all hot and bothered.

Weight to 215 lbs by August 19th, 2013

I will start off by saying that this is not my end goal weight but the first of many targets I will set on my weight loss journey.

I have been wanting to get back down to 215 lbs for over seven years now.  The significance of this weight, is that I weighed 215 when I met my partner and before I gained back the rest of the 65 lbs I had worked so hard to lose the 1-2 years before we met.

This is not taking into account the 5-10 lbs I no longer have on my body since having surgery last Summer.  I am not sure how much the surgeon took off and have tried to decide how to factor it in to my 215 lb marker.  I have decided to just stick with the 215 lb marker because of the significance it holds for me.

The closest I have been to 215 lbs in 8+ years was a few weeks before surgery when I hit 217 before slowing gaining back 20 lbs in the few weeks leading up to and few months post-op.  When I had lost 65 lbs over a decade ago, my lowest weight was 195 lbs which will be my next weight loss goal.


  • Good Shoes
  • Pedometer
  • Local Parks
  • Cook books / Recipes
  • Kitchenware
  • Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Positive Affirmations:

  • I am 215 pounds.
  • I make and eat healthy food choices.
  • I enjoy exercising.


  • Meal Planning
  • Food Preparation
  • Exercise
  • Food Journaling

Next Weight Loss Goal:

  • 195 pounds

This Goal meets the SMART criteria:

  • Specific:  clearly stated what I want to do, how and by when
  • Measurable:  number on my scale, measuring tape
  • Accountable:  to my followers and holistic healthcare practitioner
  • Realistic: have the tools, knowledge and time to achieve
  • Time-based:  deadline set to achieve this goal

My Positive Affirmations are positive and stated in the present and my goals meet the SMART criteria which means I have set myself up for success in achieving my weight loss goal and living a healthier lifestyle.

Planning and Re-prioritizing

The problem with finding motivation and self confidence is that now I need to somehow bend space and time and find a money tree so that I can get all that I want to get done in 2013.

Last week when I was thinking about how to go about manifesting my goals for 2013, I came to realize that because I have been so focused since the Summer on blogging and photography, I have hardly opened any of my books on holistic healing  🙁

Over the past week I have been looking back at my Dreamboard Goals, 2013 Goals Manifestation and trying to start my planning for the year.  First I need to work on finishing up the last few goals and tasks from my list of Dreamboard Goals from last year:

Crystal Healing Courses

The Crystal Dragon College

January 15th was the one year mark since signing up for The Crystal Dragon College. I have already written the exams for the first two levels and I am about halfway through the material for the Level 3 (Master Diploma of Crystal Healing Practitioner). I should be finished within the next week or two including writing the exam.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

On January 17th, I got the “time is almost up to graduate” email which needs to be completed by the end of February. It will be a year February 10th since I registered for the course. I ate up the course material from Hibiscus Moon and passed all of the exams within three weeks. But it was not until this past Thursday and Friday that I finally completed the three crystal healing sessions required to graduate. Felt so good to finally cross that off my list! Now I just have to finish up my last assignment and apply for graduation!

Touch for Health

I was wanting to do my Touch for Health Proficiency this past Fall but didn’t have the finances to do so but will shoot for later this year.  As part of Proficiency, you are required to record five balancings for each of the levels for Touch for Health.  I have completed them for Levels 1 and 2 but still need to do them for Levels 3 and 4.  I will be auditing the courses in April and if I cannot get these balancings done by then, I should get them done during the courses.  Auditing sounds bad but it just means I am taking the course again which is encouraged to help refresh your memory and give yourself more practice.  I find them very beneficial because you tend to forget the simplest balancing techniques outside of just doing a 14 muscle balance.

In the meantime, I will dust off my Touch for Health manual and start working with it more regularly (along with my Crystal Healing).  The next series of Touch for Health classes starts next weekend which I am very much looking forward to because it will get me back into the habit of using it.  The Bach Flower Remedies workshop will be running on the Friday before.  I have hardly looked at my handouts since I took the last one in August of 2011 and need a refresher.


This has been on my todo list for what feels like forever.  I did take a good stab at completing it a year ago but was missing just a few pieces to complete it.  Because I will be going back and re-visiting a lot of books I have read, I know this task will be completed soon along with me applying knowledge to be able to help manifest what I want in 2013.

The good thing is that even though I have not yet sat down to glue the cut outs from magazines onto a large piece of cardboard, more and more my vision for the future has taken form and some of the pieces have already started falling into place.


Because I am re-prioritizing what I will be doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will need to pull back on my blogging and photography.  I have decided to scale back from ten blog posts per month to eight.  This means I will have to ensure I write two blog posts every Sunday and queue them up for the week.

Writing ten per month may still be feasible but I don’t want to stress myself out about it and because I make no money from my blogging, I have to scale back from it.  I have been and will continue to work on writing up one or two blog posts per month which are longer more informational type posts.  I will also look into guest bloggers to help fill in some of the voids.


Photography will have to be a weekend activity and I might allow myself a day or two a month to go out with the camera for a few hours.

Writing the above up makes it seem like a lot of work but when I look at it, I am happy that I will have most of that crossed off over the next week or two!  Enter 2013 Goals Manifestation.

The Transition Period

In looking over and updating my DreamBoard Goals and writing this blog post, I can’t help but notice that the tasks above from 2012 are the completion points for transitioning into my new career.  The ones I am touching on below for 2013 are about me putting all I have learned over the past two years into practice and stepping into the role of Practitioner which is very exciting but also very scary for me.

Exciting because it is a field that I very much believe in.  I am looking forward to helping others facilitate their own healing, reduce stress and manifest what they want in their own lives.  We have gone beyond the tipping point of modern medicine in over prescribing and people getting surgery that although considered “routine” is not always necessary.  People are becoming more and more fed up with being over prescribed medicine and have started seeking out alternatives to toxic chemicals.

But also scary because the past 20 years of my life I have spent behind a computer screen and not having to deal with clients face to face.  I will be going from hiding behind a computer screen to being behind a closed door, one on one with a client.  I am also working in a field in which a lot of people don’t believe in what I do.  I used to also be skeptical of it until I started receiving my own sessions and saw the impact it has had on my own life (and the clients who come into our office).


I have currently set a goal of doing at least two sessions per week.  Worst case scenario, I do one on myself and one on my partner.  Best case scenario is that both (and/or more) of those are paying clients.

Health and Wellness

I have a few sub-points under Health and Wellness that I will push out into a proper goal that will be tracked on it’s own page.  I have felt a mental shift from my last BodyTalk session and feel as though I might FINALLY have the mindset to get into losing weight and exercise.  The fact that it is starting to warm up and get brighter and knowing Spring is just around the corner, I am starting to feel my mindset shift.  I hope to be clearing up our deck over the next couple of weeks so I can get to my weight set.

Because I will be fleshing this one out and setting proper goals with it, I won’t go into much more detail since the fleshing out process has already started on my Dreamboard Goals page.  Most of that will be cut and paste into page I will create for my goals but I will track my weight loss on my Dreamboard Goals page as well.

Boxer Quilt

I had felt very inspired heading into the Winter to complete my Boxer Quilt but have unfortunately not spent much effort on it since my last post other then Unboxing the last few pairs of boxers.  I have set aside some time to work on the quilt and publish an upcoming post on where I am at with it.

Fishing and Finishing

In mid-April, I will re-visit these to see where I am at with my goals and see if anything needs to be added or tweaked.  It will most likely not be until then that I will start back into fishing which I will start researching beforehand.  It used to be March 31st that salt water fishing licenses expired and starting May 1st, there is a six week program that I can take my son to, to learn how to fish.  I am wanting to get my license as soon as they expire for the year and hope to get out fishing shortly afterwards.

What are you goals/resolutions/hopes and/or dreams for 2013?