Falling into a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

This Tuesday will be my one year anniversary of managing the office.  The goal of my taking on the role of Office Manager was for me to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner while putting my business and technology skills to good use.

I feel I have done a pretty good job of managing the office with minimal oopsies which were easily fixable (for the most part).  Double bookings, ordering mix ups and forgetting to do some tasks have been my list of offences.  Probably the worst of which was ordering 12 cases of product (rather then 12 individual packages) and having to send back 10 of them.

Any “stress” (if I can call it that) in this job has been nothing in comparison to working in a corporate environment where a mistake or web server going down meant over $20,000+/hr in lost sales, potential death of a patient (from not being able to access medical policies and procedures and/or dosage information) or employees not being able to access paperwork needed for customers.  When I worked in a corporate environment, it was always in times of something going sideways that I realized the importance of the role I played for the corporation.  Stressed much?  Yes’m.

Yesterday was the third annual Be Your Best! Celebration at the office.  I was feeling fine before we had to go and then stressing to get brunch made and ready to go in time.  My stomach was in knots on the way there and I was feeling pretty nervous about the event because we really had no idea how many people would show up.

I started off taking a lot of photos before heading over to our Kinesiology Korner when another Touch for Health student showed up with their textbook.  I have to admit that I opened up my book, a question was asked and my mind went completely blank.  I had to call in some backup and then within minutes, went into Practitioner mode for three hours balancing people.

The feedback I was getting and the sessions I did were huge confidence boosters.  I have had hangups about becoming a Practitioner.  When I see someone doing a balance, I know exactly what is going on and I see when mistakes are made.  When I read my books, I understand and get the majority of it.  When I talk to people about what we do in our office, I actually sound intelligent.  But for some reason, a mental block goes up when I start to work on someone.  This was something we worked on in my last session and after yesterday, I feel those hangups might actually be gone.  Although there was one point that I almost called to ask for help, I did not and instead, pushed through it.

I think I may have finally pulled up my Practitioner Panties.

We have done a lot of work over the Summer clearing junk (including some very old junk) out of my closet.  My Summer has gone by in a blink with all that has happened.  The stress, the heartache and the tears were all necessary for me to get to this place of being ready to start accepting clients this Fall.  One of the hangups I was having was around feeling the need to be healthy and “healed” before being able to help someone else on their healing journey.

Mentally, I feel as though I am finally there.  With all the shifting that has happened over the Summer, I feel as though I have finally found true, blissful happiness.  The by-product of that has been closer to 20lbs that has come off of my body.  I feel pretty confident that over the next year the rest of the weight I have been carrying around for far too long will finally come off.

I have come to realize that healing is a lifelong journey and being able to help others on their healing journey is a gift that I have and is meant to be shared with others.

I am feeling very happy, confident and optimistic about life and my future.

What happened to February?

Wow.  I cannot believe how busy I have been the past six weeks, that I only made one post in all of February and my camera has been collecting dust.

Just wanted to post a quick update that I have not completely abandoned my blog.  I have been working on a multi-part blog series on how I went about making Positive Changes in my life.  What initially started off as one blog post a month ago is now turning into at least five individual posts and another one to tie them all together.  There is some good content coming but I need to finish writing it first.

In the past six weeks, I finished off my two Crystal Healing courses and received confirmation on graduating from both courses, took my SIPS 1&2 in Vancouver two weeks ago and will be taking the Level 1 of N.O.T. this week in Vancouver.

Although I will be auditing Touch for Health Levels 3 & 4 when they are next taught, I have more than enough training to start working as a Practitioner.  There are (and will always be) more courses to take but for now, I have enough.  Over the next few months, I will be studying and practicing so I can feel comfortable and confident about becoming a Practitioner.  I will also be learning (reviewing?) how the body works which I feel will also make me a better Practitioner.

This upcoming weekend should be the last one in which I am out of town so I can get back to my regular Sunday morning blogging (finally).  With Spring just around the corner, I anticipate being out with my camera more as well!

Crystal Healing Coursework finished!

When I look at my schedule over the next few weeks, my Dreamboard Goals page and where I am heading, I feel pretty good.  The next six weeks, will be the start of the last of the shift into my new career into Health and Wellness.

Starting in March, I will be booking at least two sessions per week for me to utilize my Practitioner skills – even if that means they are just practice sessions with co-workers, family and on my partner.  Right now practicing with my newly acquired skills is more important to me then earning a wage from it since I do have work that pays.  As my confidence builds and I become more comfortable in this role, I will work on booking paying clients.  My hopes are that at some point this year, I will have to give up my role as Office Manager and have enough clients to allow me to make the switch.

Last weekend I attempted to audit the Touch for Health Level 1 class but was feeling quite out of it.  I didn’t think I would make it to lunch on Saturday but somehow made it through the day.  Sunday, I ended up staying home and was feeling quite off most of last week.  Unfortunately that meant no blogging or photography last weekend.

Thursday, I was nose to the grindstone trying to get my Level 3 exam finished for the one crystal healing course and then finished up my Final Assignment and graduation application for the other course.  It felt SO good to finally get both of those done, submitted and crossed off the list on my Dreamboard Goals page.  I am still awaiting word as to whether or not I passed (which I should).

And of course, Thursday my phone kept ringing (it next to never rings), I had an inbox full of messages and text messages which is also unusual for me.  By the time I had finished my course work, I had about an hour to spend with my son before heading out the door for a meeting.

I think it was all a test to see whether or not I would let anything else distract me from finishing my course work that I was trying to complete by the end of last week.  But for the most part, I ignored the ringing phone, emails and text messages until I could get to them later.

Now to see what else life throws at me to try and get me off track again between my career and personal health and wellness goals!