What happened to February?

Wow.  I cannot believe how busy I have been the past six weeks, that I only made one post in all of February and my camera has been collecting dust.

Just wanted to post a quick update that I have not completely abandoned my blog.  I have been working on a multi-part blog series on how I went about making Positive Changes in my life.  What initially started off as one blog post a month ago is now turning into at least five individual posts and another one to tie them all together.  There is some good content coming but I need to finish writing it first.

In the past six weeks, I finished off my two Crystal Healing courses and received confirmation on graduating from both courses, took my SIPS 1&2 in Vancouver two weeks ago and will be taking the Level 1 of N.O.T. this week in Vancouver.

Although I will be auditing Touch for Health Levels 3 & 4 when they are next taught, I have more than enough training to start working as a Practitioner.  There are (and will always be) more courses to take but for now, I have enough.  Over the next few months, I will be studying and practicing so I can feel comfortable and confident about becoming a Practitioner.  I will also be learning (reviewing?) how the body works which I feel will also make me a better Practitioner.

This upcoming weekend should be the last one in which I am out of town so I can get back to my regular Sunday morning blogging (finally).  With Spring just around the corner, I anticipate being out with my camera more as well!

Touch for Health 5-Elements Metaphor’s Class

The downside of taking courses over the weekend is that my blogging misses a week and unfortunately two weeks ago, I spent so much time trying to polish off two bigger blog posts (that I have been working on for quite a while), that I got nothing published that week.  There were unfortunately no published posts between October 31st and November 12th.

The upside is that I am taking in amazing courses that are enhancing my skills as a practitioner.  Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Touch for Health 5-Elements Metaphor class that was taught at Happily Holistic.

When Happily Holistic ran the TFH Levels 1 and 2 courses in September and October, I audited them to get back to doing Touch for Health.  I had a very long absence from doing practitioner work since the weekend before my surgery on June 1st when I did a course on Brain Formatting.  I found it very beneficial to get back to the basics and be reminded of a wealth of simple balancing techniques that I had totally forgotten about.

With every course I take at Happily Holistic, I find there are four amazing benefits that come from the course:

  • knowledge gained from the course itself
  • confidence in my abilities to help promote someone else’s healing
  • healing within myself from others practicing on me
  • witnessing breakthroughs in classmates

The last point I feel is probably the one aspect of taking these courses that I feel is of the most value.  You walk into a class and see people with low self confidence, slumped shoulders, shyness and low energy.  These courses are jam packed with information taught over 15 hours of class time which can be very overwhelming.

Throughout the weekend, you watch your classmates sitting up straighter, become more talkative, happy, positive, higher energy and their self confidence increase.  It is like watching a dried out dying flower coming back to life.  The difference in people between the initial opening circle the first day and closing circle on the second day can be staggering!

If you have ever wanted to learn more about holistic healing and/or specialized kinesiology, I strongly recommend taking a Touch for Health course.  The courses are relatively inexpensive and only a weekend commitment for each of the four levels.

Taking a course could either be a great tool to help promote healing within your friends and family or it could turn into a career change like it did for me!

Storm Before the Calm

Two weeks ago, we were disappointed to find out that there was a gradual entry into full-time Kindergarten for our son.  Like most parents, we were eagerly anticipating it being September 5th and our child being at school for most of the day but he does not actually start full days until tomorrow.  Yesterday and today were half days and tomorrow he *finally* starts his first full day of Kindergarten.

This has unfortunately mucked up our week between my heading back to work and my partner being back at UBCO for the Fall semester.  Currently I work Mondays and Fridays, 9am to 5pm and Wednesdays from 9 to 1:30pm.  I have to pick my son up from Kindergarten by 2:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  This leaves me with Tuesday and Thursday mornings to myself with thoughts of heading into the office on Thursday mornings to work as a practitioner.

Having no childcare, starting back to work last week and auditing the Touch for Health Level One over the weekend, I was really looking forward to my break this afternoon.  I really enjoyed auditing Level One of Touch for Health but it meant the potential for upwards of 2-3 weeks between my blogging sessions due to other commitments I have right now.  When I was setting my Blogging Goal, I had figured I would get more posts written during August because we were doing things and would slow down as we got into September and back into our weekly routine in Kelowna.

Now I must head to pick up my son from Kindergarten.  I am hoping he’s ready for a snack because I could sure use one.  I am hoping he’ll be up for a trip to Dunn Enzies for a slice of pizza.  It is our favourite pizza place in Kelowna and one of three places he requests when asked what he wants for lunch.