Bamboo Chopsticks

On Friday, I dropped my son off at school and tried heading to Good Earth but there was no parking anywhere to be had.  Headed into downtown Kelowna to hit up Starbucks, same thing.  So, I ended up heading into Westbank to the Blenz where it is normally pretty dead, loads of parking and best of all, it’s free!

Mid-week I had started to get the sniffles and a bit of a sore throat.  As I was passing the road to our house and heading into Westbank, I started getting excited realizing that it would also be a great time to go for some Chicken Breast Soup at Bamboo Chopsticks!

After I had gotten seated in the restaurant, I remembered grabbing my dSLR and went out to the car in hopes of getting much better photos then I normally do with only my cell phone camera when I am there:

LunchBamboo Chopsticks, WestbankBeveragesBamboo Chopsticks, Westbank

Bamboo Chopsticks, a set on Flickr.

If you ever head to Bamboo Chopsticks in Westbank because you heard of it from my blog, be sure to tell Linda that daddyjake sent you  ;o)

Bamboo Chopsticks Westbank (again)

I finally made it to Bamboo Chopsticks with my partner last week which means I finally sampled other food on their menu!  I had contemplated taking my dSLR with me on our trip out, did not have my cell phone on me but was able to snap a few photos of our food with my partners cell phone camera.  I posted back in July about a trip to Bamboo Chopsticks which is my favourite restaurant in Westbank.

Coconut Prawns:

Bamboo Chopsticks Coconut Prawns

Salad Roll (without pork):

Porkless Salad Roll at Bamboo Chopsticks

Chicken Skewers:

Chicken Skewers at Bamboo Chopsticks

I did not take a photo of my Spring Rolls or Chicken Breast Soup because I did not want to make this post too photo heavy which increases the amount of time it takes to load the page (and there are photos in my previous Bamboo Chopsticks blog post).  The Spring Rolls are my favourite and were yummy as always.

There are very few restaurants I have ever gone to that the owner will make you feel very welcome, take the time to get to know you and always have a conversation with you (never mind remember you, your partners and your child’s name).  This is part of what makes Bamboo Chopsticks one of my favourite restaurants.  I tend to value service over quality and will pay more money for better service then less money and get crap customer service.

Bamboo Chopsticks

One of the biggest adjustments in moving to Kelowna from Vancouver has been in adjusting to the differences in culture (or lack thereof).  When we first moved here, there was not a lot of good (read: edible) non-white food restaurants to eat at.  Thankfully a few have popped up since.

Last Winter, someone on a local forum posted about a new Vietnamese restaurant that had opened at one of the new malls in Westbank called Bamboo Chopsticks.  I used to always go for Pho when I was in Vancouver so I went to check this place out.

I absolutely love their Spring Rolls that are made with rice paper.  They are so crispy and tasty.  You can add a roll and beverage to your meal for I think it’s $1.50 but when I was there last, I opted for the side of two spring rolls.

Spring Rolls made using rice paper.

I always get a medium chicken breast soup with rice noodles.

Bamboo Chopsticks Chicken Breast Soup

The broth in this soup is absolutely amazing.  I love that it always comes with an assortment of different veggies.  I hate when I get a bowl of Pho and all there is, is the meat, noodles and some floating green stuffs.

Whenever we head home to Vancouver, we try to hit up our favourite restaurants.  I find it interesting that I talk to other folks that have moved here from Vancouver and they also schedule their trips to Vancouver around their food stops.  Whenever I was hungry there, it was never a challenge to decide where to go for food.  But I have found in Kelowna, I certainly don’t get cravings for certain restaurants and need/want to go there and usually wrack my brain for some time trying to decide where to go.  Coffee shops are a different story, but not restaurants.

My experience at Bamboo Chopsticks is always great!  It is probably why it is the only restaurant at this point that I think of when deciding where to go to grab a bite to eat.  I do have two other restaurants that I crave food from but I will save that for another post!