The feeling that overcame me when I attended my first set of SIPS courses in Vancouver early this year.


Is the feeling I have had over the past week of doing my last round of SIPS courses.  I am thankful to finally feel at ease with becoming a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  I am thankful for the healing work and clearing that occurred over the Summer because of the peace it has brought me overall and especially around the hangups I have had with seeing clients.


I knew that the Blenz in White Rock opens stupid late (8:30 during the week!?) and was online last night trying to find a less commercial coffee shop in which I could blog this morning.  What a treat it was to find the Small Ritual Coffee Society which is a not-for-profit community coffee shop!

While I would prefer to be drinking my white mocha this morning with almond milk, I am in love with this little piece of heaven I have found at the corner of Johnson and Prospect street.

Remapping my Goals:

I was supposed to head over to Parksville not realizing my courses finished Saturday and not Friday.  Instead, I decided to try and take a day to decompress, blog, reflect back on the past week and touch base with my goal setting.  While I am disheartened with the fact that I completely lost my momentum with blogging and photography, sometimes you just have to deal with life and priorities get shuffled.  As we nestle into my favourite season of the year, I am working on getting back in touch with my goal setting, blogging and photography.

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

As it sits right now, I am quite happy with where I am at course wise.  I am ready to see clients and confident that I will be able to find my way through any issues during a session that may come up.  I am very thankful for my instructors, mentors and classmates who have all contributed to increasing my knowledge and confidence in becoming a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner using Specializing Kinesiology.  I am also very thankful for those who have allowed me to practice on them, their patience and their feedback.  I know my knowledge, confidence and skill-set will only increase with experience.

I will take SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) courses whenever I can, either auditing or taking the higher level SIPS courses when Ian Stubbings travels from Australia to teach in Canada.  I have sort of etched out upcoming courses I would like to take and know more might be added as they come up.

As of October 5th, I will be seeing clients on Saturdays and eagerly awaiting seeing my first client booked in the calendar at work!

Personal Health and Wellness

One of my goals has been to get out of bed by 6.  This past week I have not slept past about that time so I am wanting to maintain this when I get home.  I have always found the most success in incorporating exercise into my day by getting it out of the way first thing in the morning before I have time to think about it.  I have never been a breakfast person and I would like to change that, even if its just a shake or smoothie (which may or may not replace my morning coffee).

The past few months have seen less meat in our diet being replaced by high protein meat alternatives such as kale, quinoa and chick peas.  I have been on the hunt for and printing out scads of RAW food recipes that look amazing.  I have a homeopathic cleanse awaiting me at home which I will start when I get back and hoping it will be the start of me getting even further into eating a more wholesome diet.

Both of the above will contribute to my ongoing weight loss.  I cannot remember if I have blogged about the fact that there is more to my being able to lose weight then diet and exercise which both seem to be fine.


As I have been settling back into Fall, I have also been settling back into blogging.  Publishing this will be blog post number five for the month which is pushing me closer to my goal of eight.  Before I settled back into it a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a blogging identity crisis.  I have been very careful about what I write on here wanting to remain positive whenever possible and have at times, really had to scrub some of the content before posting it.  My goal with this blog was to inspire others to lead a happier, healthier and more holistic lifestyle and I am an avid believer in leading by example.

I see myself blogging more about food as I incorporate more RAW into my diet and play around with recipes to see what does and does not work.  As I gravitate further away from white flour, white sugar, dairy and meat, the sicker I feel whenever I eat them.  Even just looking at photographs of or being in the presence of these (and other processed) foods, I feel sick and can feel my body revolt.  My body has the opposite effect when I see healthier foods.  My mouth was watering at the sight of acorn squash down in Keremeos two weeks ago and I wish I had bought more.

That leaves my camera which has gotten a little dusty and I have to admit, I have had no motivation to get out with it since last Fall.  I love the Fall colors and know it will start inspiring me to get out with my camera over the next few months.  I would also like to start learning more about how my camera works and need to pull out the couple of photography books I have and start reading them.


As I look outside trying to conclude how to conclude this conclusion, I see how dark and gloomy it is outside.  The rain is coming down and the wind is blowing.  Most people who live here would look outside and complain about the weather.  I look outside and it warms my heart on a cool, gloomy Sunday morning.  The movement of the leaves reminds me that without movement, there is not change.  The rain reminds me that without the water, life cannot grow and we cannot cleanse.  And as I walk to my car and get cold and damp, I know it will remind me that I am alive today, have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a loving family to go home to and for all of that, I am very thankful.

Falling into a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

This Tuesday will be my one year anniversary of managing the office.  The goal of my taking on the role of Office Manager was for me to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner while putting my business and technology skills to good use.

I feel I have done a pretty good job of managing the office with minimal oopsies which were easily fixable (for the most part).  Double bookings, ordering mix ups and forgetting to do some tasks have been my list of offences.  Probably the worst of which was ordering 12 cases of product (rather then 12 individual packages) and having to send back 10 of them.

Any “stress” (if I can call it that) in this job has been nothing in comparison to working in a corporate environment where a mistake or web server going down meant over $20,000+/hr in lost sales, potential death of a patient (from not being able to access medical policies and procedures and/or dosage information) or employees not being able to access paperwork needed for customers.  When I worked in a corporate environment, it was always in times of something going sideways that I realized the importance of the role I played for the corporation.  Stressed much?  Yes’m.

Yesterday was the third annual Be Your Best! Celebration at the office.  I was feeling fine before we had to go and then stressing to get brunch made and ready to go in time.  My stomach was in knots on the way there and I was feeling pretty nervous about the event because we really had no idea how many people would show up.

I started off taking a lot of photos before heading over to our Kinesiology Korner when another Touch for Health student showed up with their textbook.  I have to admit that I opened up my book, a question was asked and my mind went completely blank.  I had to call in some backup and then within minutes, went into Practitioner mode for three hours balancing people.

The feedback I was getting and the sessions I did were huge confidence boosters.  I have had hangups about becoming a Practitioner.  When I see someone doing a balance, I know exactly what is going on and I see when mistakes are made.  When I read my books, I understand and get the majority of it.  When I talk to people about what we do in our office, I actually sound intelligent.  But for some reason, a mental block goes up when I start to work on someone.  This was something we worked on in my last session and after yesterday, I feel those hangups might actually be gone.  Although there was one point that I almost called to ask for help, I did not and instead, pushed through it.

I think I may have finally pulled up my Practitioner Panties.

We have done a lot of work over the Summer clearing junk (including some very old junk) out of my closet.  My Summer has gone by in a blink with all that has happened.  The stress, the heartache and the tears were all necessary for me to get to this place of being ready to start accepting clients this Fall.  One of the hangups I was having was around feeling the need to be healthy and “healed” before being able to help someone else on their healing journey.

Mentally, I feel as though I am finally there.  With all the shifting that has happened over the Summer, I feel as though I have finally found true, blissful happiness.  The by-product of that has been closer to 20lbs that has come off of my body.  I feel pretty confident that over the next year the rest of the weight I have been carrying around for far too long will finally come off.

I have come to realize that healing is a lifelong journey and being able to help others on their healing journey is a gift that I have and is meant to be shared with others.

I am feeling very happy, confident and optimistic about life and my future.

Meanwhile, Back in Kelowna

Wow.  I know, what an amazing way to start off a second post in a row.

My being able to take SIPS and N.O.T. was pretty last minute even though I had wanted to take the courses but did not think I would be able to.  Thankfully finances came through at the last minute and I was able to take them.

When I sat down yesterday and looked at the calendar, I realized it was the first Saturday in five weeks that I had been home in Kelowna.  Wow.

The past five weeks have been a bit of a blur.  The downside to taking the courses is the loss of income but was the price to be paid to be able to make more money in the future.  The upside is that I now feel better equipped to take the next step to becoming a Practitioner which yes, I technically am but I won’t feel like one until I have paying clients on my table.

There is always one great benefit to taking these courses – the work you receive during class.  One of the most amazing things I find about specialized kinesiology is that whether it is the Practitioners first or 1,000th balance, the results are the same.  Yes, they have to hit the right points and of course, the more experience and knowledge the Practitioner has, the deeper into issues they can go but just doing a basic balance yields the same results regardless of experience.

Easter is the last foreseeable weekend I will be out of town.  I will be heading down to pick up my partner and son from White Rock.  The weekend before, I will be driving them halfway down so they can spend one of the two weeks of Spring Break with my partners family.  Other then that, I am hoping to not leave Kelowna before (hopefully) more SIPS courses in September in Vancouver.

Coming up next…

One area I have felt that I really need to take up slack in, is anatomy and physiology.  I will be spending one day a week studying and one day a week practicing.  I am hoping by the Summer that my income will increase from working as a Practitioner.  At some point, I will have to give up my role as the Office Manager.  This is very scary because the safety net of secured income will be gone and I might not know for sure how many clients I will have booked, let alone, how many of them will re-book appointments.

Until I reach that point, I am not going to stress about it and just focus on equipping myself as best as I can before starting out into uncharted territory.

Wish me luck!