Weight to 215 lbs by August 19th, 2013

I will start off by saying that this is not my end goal weight but the first of many targets I will set on my weight loss journey.

I have been wanting to get back down to 215 lbs for over seven years now.  The significance of this weight, is that I weighed 215 when I met my partner and before I gained back the rest of the 65 lbs I had worked so hard to lose the 1-2 years before we met.

This is not taking into account the 5-10 lbs I no longer have on my body since having surgery last Summer.  I am not sure how much the surgeon took off and have tried to decide how to factor it in to my 215 lb marker.  I have decided to just stick with the 215 lb marker because of the significance it holds for me.

The closest I have been to 215 lbs in 8+ years was a few weeks before surgery when I hit 217 before slowing gaining back 20 lbs in the few weeks leading up to and few months post-op.  When I had lost 65 lbs over a decade ago, my lowest weight was 195 lbs which will be my next weight loss goal.


  • Good Shoes
  • Pedometer
  • Local Parks
  • Cook books / Recipes
  • Kitchenware
  • Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Positive Affirmations:

  • I am 215 pounds.
  • I make and eat healthy food choices.
  • I enjoy exercising.


  • Meal Planning
  • Food Preparation
  • Exercise
  • Food Journaling

Next Weight Loss Goal:

  • 195 pounds

This Goal meets the SMART criteria:

  • Specific:  clearly stated what I want to do, how and by when
  • Measurable:  number on my scale, measuring tape
  • Accountable:  to my followers and holistic healthcare practitioner
  • Realistic: have the tools, knowledge and time to achieve
  • Time-based:  deadline set to achieve this goal

My Positive Affirmations are positive and stated in the present and my goals meet the SMART criteria which means I have set myself up for success in achieving my weight loss goal and living a healthier lifestyle.

Goals – Making mine “SMART”

I feel very fortunate to be where I am in my life right now and love this quote (please let me know who’s quote this is, I can’t seem to find a source online):

“You are exactly who you are meant to be right now

When writing my Back to Reality post, I quickly wrote the post before running out the door to do some work.  I prioritized what was most important for me to accomplish over the Summer to ensure I would be successful in the Fall with heading back to work post LTD, surgery and career change.  The list was a mismatch of goals and tasks that over the Summer, I made into proper lists that I posted to my Dreamboard Goals page.

I have created to-do lists and set goals before but they were not always 100% achieved.  I knew from self employment/improvement courses that there are two things a person could do to increase the likely hood of being successful:  writing them down and making SMART goals.  You give yourself a 50% greater chance of being successful by writing them down because it makes those goals “real”.  Creating SMART goals increases your chances of being successful just by the virtue of how you write them.

I also knew not to set out with things like New Years resolutions or year long goals because sometimes goals need to be reviewed and revised over time and should be done every quarter/season throughout the year.  Things in our lives change over time as do priorities.  I will be revisiting, revising and adding to mine over the next few weeks as Summer officially comes to its end and we head into the Fall.

My Summer goals were focused on these three areas of my life:

  • Health and Wellness (including work/life balance)
  • Career (change and getting back to work)
  • Weight Loss and Exercise

I have been trying to get into a regular routine of blogging and taking photographs with my (not so new anymore) Canon Rebel T2i.  Setting these two SMART Goals has helped ensure I was maintaining those two hobbies.  As you can see from the progress on my Dreamboard Goals page, I am well on my way to achieving them and will most likely hit my targets before their goal dates.

You may wonder why I have Health and Wellness and Weight Loss and Exercise listed separately.  They are after all, the same thing, right?  In my holistic view, you cannot achieve one without the other and yes, they are very much intertwined but also very independent of each other.  I need to focus more on the Health in Wellness heading into the Fall (and set SMART goals) so I can be successful with my Weight Loss goal.

As you can see from my three SMART goals, I am well on my way to achieving two of them and need to work on the third.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be revising, reviewing and adding to my goals as we head into Fall.  I was skeptical of being able to achieve any weight loss during August but wanted to get it on the radar anyways.  I still feel I will be successful in achieving my weight loss goal by next Summer.

Have you set SMART goals before?  Were you successful in achieving them?