How to subscribe to a website

How much of your time is spent navigating to the websites you read on a daily and/or weekly basis and how do you go about doing that?  Are you aware that you can save yourself time by quickly and easily subscribing to all of your favourite websites and have them within one spot?

There are two main ways of subscribing to a website: RSS and email

RSS Subscriptions:

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” (something I learned today) or “Really Simple Syndication” (which is what I have always known it defined as).  RSS is an XML-based web document that allows services to aggregate one or more RSS feeds into one place.

Have you ever wondered what all these buttons you see on websites are for:

Here is a great YouTube video that explains RSS and how to subscribe to an RSS feed:

Google Reader List View scanning

Email Subscriptions:

Email subscriptions deliver content to your email inbox as it is published.

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