Unboxing Boxers for Quilting a Quilt

Around the time I met my partner, I discovered boxer briefs and have hardly worn boxers since.  After several years had passed and I kept seeing them in bins of clothes, I finally took them out of the bin and placed them into a bag to donate.

We were literally leaving the house with me picking up the bag when I looked at my partner and said, “that’s an awful lot of fabric.”  For well over a year now, they have sat in a bag and made their rounds around the house and finally, last week, I pulled out the seam ripper and started the task of ripping them apart in preparation for making them into a quilt.  This was after a friend of mine inspired me to start working on a quilt again.

A few weeks ago, I had sporadically decided on which of the fabrics I was going to use for the metaphysical/mystical quilt I have been procrastinating starting.  I pulled out all of my quilting books to look for inspiration on what to make.  I selected a few projects out of a newer book I purchased and decided that it was an awfully large quilt for me to make for my second quilt (and first one in well over a year).

I turned around in my office chair remembering that I had this large bag of fabric that I was going to quilt for us to use when we are at the beach or at the park having a picnic.  I had to chuckle when I started going through the bag when I came across a pair of yellow boxers that have ants all over them.  Perfect for a picnic quilt!  (and yes, perfect timing to be making an outdoor quilt as the snow has started to fall here.)

I have a few pairs left to rip apart.  I will need to remember how to do math in hopes that I have enough (and large enough) pieces for the quilt.  Then I will need to iron and cut out the pieces and start putting the sewing machine to work!

Does anyone else have any projects they are starting on now that it is getting colder outside?