Tightening the Blogging Laces

I have worked on several of my own websites over the years but this blog is one website that I have probably put the most effort into that others can actually see because they are blog posts (compared to another website where I have put a few hundred hours of coding into which no one will ever see).

You can see from the graph below the growth that has happened since I started blogging on a regular basis starting back in July when I set blogging goals for myself:

daddyjake awstats as of november 25, 2012

Lately, I have been looking into ways to grow this blog because the feedback I have been getting is positive.  I have a hard time wanting to use some of the methods employed by others and have almost always relied entirely on organic growth.  I don’t want to be “spammy” because as it is, I have a hard time sharing my posts on FB and share only a fraction of the posts I publish.

In a recent conversation, I came to realize and acknowledge that a huge part of the reason why I could never get into blogging on a regular basis was in not wanting to deal with the negativity that exists when publishing in a medium that allows anonymity.  Cyber bullying can ensue from those who chose to hide behind their monitors while their identities are (somewhat) completely hidden.

But alas, if I want to achieve my goals, I need to start marketing myself more and further shed the insecurities I have.  I have already overcome the first hurdle by publishing blog posts on a regular basis since July.  After 4.5 months and not having received a single negative comment (yet – not that I’ve received many comments at all), I am feeling that it is time to “level up” with this blog.  Along with this will come goals that I am working on setting.

For now, I need to brainstorm and plan before taking those next steps!