Getting Back on My Feet

While it was certainly not an easy decision to resign from my Office Manager position, the pros certainly outweighed the cons in terms of what I was needing in my life.  I wanted to be working downtown, closer to home, a transit pass, off earlier in the day, a schedule that worked with school and to get back on my feet for more exercise while I was working.

The downsides of having left are that I worked with some amazing people, witnessed amazing transformations in their clients lives and my having finally put my business skills to use has come to an end, at least, for now.

The worst part is the Biology class I was wanting to take over the summer was at an absolute crap time (right in the middle of the day!) which unfortunately would not have worked with either work schedule.  Biology will have to wait until September when I am hoping to get an afternoon (if not evening) class.  

For now, I am quite happy to have secured a morning shift that has me working Monday to Friday and I am off by 12:30pm.  I start my regular shift tomorrow morning and rode transit to work on Friday for the first time since before my son was born in September of 2007.  It felt great to be back on transit for my ride that was a whopping seven minutes short.  

Being back on my feet to work has felt great so far!  Even though my body has ached in protest.  I know it will take a few weeks for my body to adjust to having to wake up so early, be on my feet for so long and of course, the 15 minute walk up to the bus stop on what has to be at least a 30 degree incline.

Because I will not be taking any classes over the Summer, I will focus back on studying and working with the holistic healthcare classes I have taken.  I am excited that should everything work out, I will finally be getting Reiki training next month!  Reiki is something I have been wanting to learn for years.  I have several friends who are Reiki Masters willing to teach me but the timing has never been right.  Ever since taking my crystal healing courses, I have wanted even more to add Reiki to my tool belt for use with the crystal healing because the two pair really well together.  

The space is now cleared in the office for me to set up my massage table.  I have put the “door” back up that I took down a few years ago and the baby gate to see if they will stop the kitten from getting into the office.  I am fearing if either of our cats gets into the office, they will tear my massage table to shreds.  I want to be able to set up the table and not have to take it down with each use.  So far, so good and fingers crossed that it means they are officially kept out of the office.  My goal is two practice sessions per week.

Now to find a few bodies that I can practice on!



The feeling that overcame me when I attended my first set of SIPS courses in Vancouver early this year.


Is the feeling I have had over the past week of doing my last round of SIPS courses.  I am thankful to finally feel at ease with becoming a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  I am thankful for the healing work and clearing that occurred over the Summer because of the peace it has brought me overall and especially around the hangups I have had with seeing clients.


I knew that the Blenz in White Rock opens stupid late (8:30 during the week!?) and was online last night trying to find a less commercial coffee shop in which I could blog this morning.  What a treat it was to find the Small Ritual Coffee Society which is a not-for-profit community coffee shop!

While I would prefer to be drinking my white mocha this morning with almond milk, I am in love with this little piece of heaven I have found at the corner of Johnson and Prospect street.

Remapping my Goals:

I was supposed to head over to Parksville not realizing my courses finished Saturday and not Friday.  Instead, I decided to try and take a day to decompress, blog, reflect back on the past week and touch base with my goal setting.  While I am disheartened with the fact that I completely lost my momentum with blogging and photography, sometimes you just have to deal with life and priorities get shuffled.  As we nestle into my favourite season of the year, I am working on getting back in touch with my goal setting, blogging and photography.

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

As it sits right now, I am quite happy with where I am at course wise.  I am ready to see clients and confident that I will be able to find my way through any issues during a session that may come up.  I am very thankful for my instructors, mentors and classmates who have all contributed to increasing my knowledge and confidence in becoming a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner using Specializing Kinesiology.  I am also very thankful for those who have allowed me to practice on them, their patience and their feedback.  I know my knowledge, confidence and skill-set will only increase with experience.

I will take SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) courses whenever I can, either auditing or taking the higher level SIPS courses when Ian Stubbings travels from Australia to teach in Canada.  I have sort of etched out upcoming courses I would like to take and know more might be added as they come up.

As of October 5th, I will be seeing clients on Saturdays and eagerly awaiting seeing my first client booked in the calendar at work!

Personal Health and Wellness

One of my goals has been to get out of bed by 6.  This past week I have not slept past about that time so I am wanting to maintain this when I get home.  I have always found the most success in incorporating exercise into my day by getting it out of the way first thing in the morning before I have time to think about it.  I have never been a breakfast person and I would like to change that, even if its just a shake or smoothie (which may or may not replace my morning coffee).

The past few months have seen less meat in our diet being replaced by high protein meat alternatives such as kale, quinoa and chick peas.  I have been on the hunt for and printing out scads of RAW food recipes that look amazing.  I have a homeopathic cleanse awaiting me at home which I will start when I get back and hoping it will be the start of me getting even further into eating a more wholesome diet.

Both of the above will contribute to my ongoing weight loss.  I cannot remember if I have blogged about the fact that there is more to my being able to lose weight then diet and exercise which both seem to be fine.


As I have been settling back into Fall, I have also been settling back into blogging.  Publishing this will be blog post number five for the month which is pushing me closer to my goal of eight.  Before I settled back into it a few weeks ago, I had a bit of a blogging identity crisis.  I have been very careful about what I write on here wanting to remain positive whenever possible and have at times, really had to scrub some of the content before posting it.  My goal with this blog was to inspire others to lead a happier, healthier and more holistic lifestyle and I am an avid believer in leading by example.

I see myself blogging more about food as I incorporate more RAW into my diet and play around with recipes to see what does and does not work.  As I gravitate further away from white flour, white sugar, dairy and meat, the sicker I feel whenever I eat them.  Even just looking at photographs of or being in the presence of these (and other processed) foods, I feel sick and can feel my body revolt.  My body has the opposite effect when I see healthier foods.  My mouth was watering at the sight of acorn squash down in Keremeos two weeks ago and I wish I had bought more.

That leaves my camera which has gotten a little dusty and I have to admit, I have had no motivation to get out with it since last Fall.  I love the Fall colors and know it will start inspiring me to get out with my camera over the next few months.  I would also like to start learning more about how my camera works and need to pull out the couple of photography books I have and start reading them.


As I look outside trying to conclude how to conclude this conclusion, I see how dark and gloomy it is outside.  The rain is coming down and the wind is blowing.  Most people who live here would look outside and complain about the weather.  I look outside and it warms my heart on a cool, gloomy Sunday morning.  The movement of the leaves reminds me that without movement, there is not change.  The rain reminds me that without the water, life cannot grow and we cannot cleanse.  And as I walk to my car and get cold and damp, I know it will remind me that I am alive today, have a roof over my head, food in my belly, a loving family to go home to and for all of that, I am very thankful.

Trekking into Fall

Life is a journey of several million steps – both metaphorically and literally.

Throughout our lives, we plot out varying destinations (goals/hopes/dreams) and those of us that are keener’s, might actually plan the trails we would need to take to arrive at those destinations (goal setting/planning).  While we may or may not ever arrive at those destinations, I think it is pretty safe to say, that very rarely do those footprints exactly match, step by step, the ones we (may have) plotted out.

I believe its natural in our lives to remap out those trails and to add and/or remove destinations that no longer serve a purpose.  Some might refer to those as “failures” which is a word that has such negative meaning attached to it.  But without those “failures”, we might not ever find success, re-prioritize and/or in the process, discover who we are and who we are not (at least, at those points in time).

I am used to failures and it took me many years to realize that those failures were just indications that I was wanting to become someone I was not (a corporate junkie with an MoT MBA, sipping on my Starbux).  I had the greatest of intentions and really did want to climb the corporate ladder.  As I have come to understand (although I admire those who go that route), it is not who I am and did not sit well with my core values.  My working in a corporate environment was like sandpaper on a babies bottom.

I initially had an extremely hard time of letting go of those dreams and aspirations I had about my now former career.  The more I realized why I was “not successful” in a corporate environment, the easier it became for me to push aside those goals and replace them with new ones.  This is not to say I had no success in a corporate environment, I had several, just very few that were ever acknowledged and I have little appreciation for those who are unappreciative.

The straw that broke the camel’s back on my tech career was working 24 hours of OT one weekend to ensure a flawless launch on a project that would have been scrapped (along with a few hundred thousand dollars down the drain) had I not ensured the launch was successful and not rolled back to the previous version (which did not happen).  Instead of praise, I got a kick in the ass for having worked so much OT – coincidentally enough, a corporate expectation and the only OT I ever worked at that job.

I look for the positives in everything in life and the positives were ending up on LTD a few days post launch, buying my Canon T2i with the OT pay, creating the time needed for me to delve into the world of holistic healing and most of all, that final nail in the coffin of my tech career.  I sure was not planning on a career change (although I had wanted one for years) but that was where my life trails began remapping themselves as I re-prioritized what was important to me 2-3 years ago.  I have never looked back or regretted my decision to not return to that job.

Because of my experiences in the corporate world, I have been very fearful of “failures” as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  Confidence and fear of failure has unfortunately fed into it taking longer then I had hoped to get to the point I am today of being ready to start seeing clients.  While I had hoped to be further into my new career by now, there were a few side treks I had to make first along my journey in life – each of which I am thankful for.

Now that I have those side quests of the Summer behind me, I am falling into Fall where I find comfort with the changing of the seasons to Fall.  I will over the next few weeks be taking more SIPS courses in Vancouver, re-visiting my goal setting and returning to Kelowna to fill my role as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

I am exactly where I am meant to be right now.  And very thankful for that.