Happy New Year 2014!

To say that 2013 was a year that was on the rougher side for me would be an understatement.  I was unfortunately left rather unmotivated to blog throughout most of the year.  The worst of 2013 was the loss of my companion and somehow the best was declaring bankruptcy.

I still have not got the tooth fixed that broke last February after my Greyhound trip from hell, thankfully we have had no more ER visits (*touching wood table as I type with two arms*) and I am hoping to now be past what has probably been the poorest I have ever been in my life.

On the plus side, I was able to take six courses, watch my partner accept her doctoral degree, start the process to a fresh financial start and fall in love with the sweetest kitten:


We celebrated New Years Eve on New York time in downtown Kelowna.  After having such a rough year, I really wanted to go out with a bang.  I was supposed to go out after the 9pm fireworks but went home for the midnight drop of the ball.

I had a new bottle of Carolan’s chilling in my freezer.  After three small glasses on ice and turning on the original Star Trek movie I had PVR’ed, I fell asleep on the couch from about 11:15 to 12:30, missing the change of the calendar year.  

The realization that 2013, one of the roughest years of my life, was behind me, made tears well up in my eyes and stream down my face.

After crawling into bed, I awoke at 3:30 and could not get back to sleep.  I tossed and turned for an hour before returning to the futon where I was met with the bestest of cuddles from our kitten.  I crawled back into bed around 6 and slept until 10am.

2013 was a roller coaster year of emotions for me.  From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows and one day of the year in which I felt both extremes in the same day.

Moving on.

In another 47 days, I will be discharged from the mountain of debt I have been buried under since before graduating college in 2000.  In another 47 days, I get to start rebuilding my credit back up to what was near perfect before a massive drop in income and my no longer having the means to pay my creditors AND feed my family.  In another 47 days, I will start to put to use the knowledge gained from my credit counselling appointments to hopefully remain in the black rather than being so, so deep in the red.

Heading into the end of 2013, we had started to purge and clear space in our office to be able to transform it into a place where we can work on our crafts and hobbies.  A few nights ago, I took it for a test run as I had started to cut out the patchwork for my boxer quilt.  So far am loving it!  The ironing board is setup perpendicular to the table making it very easy to iron, move the fabric to the table and cut.

Now that we have the space created, I am anticipating us doing a lot more painting, drawing, sewing, crafting and whatever else we come up with in 2014.  It all has me very excited!  So much so, that I cut up the patchwork pieces for my quilt in the first two nights of having setup the space (which still needs much work to clear out the rest of the junk).

I am still on the lookout for a few more pieces to add to my dreamboard collage but feel pretty good with where it currently is at.  I have a pretty clear picture in my head of where I want to be and some of those pieces are already on the board.  The rest, I am on the lookout anytime I have a magazine open.

Dusting off my dSLR camera and guitar is high on my list of what I want to accomplish in 2014.  There are many tutorials online (not to mention books on my bookshelf) that I will be delving into this year.

After having taken so many Specialized Kinesiology courses last year, I really don’t know what, if any, I will take this year.  I will audit a few courses at work and if Ian Stubbings comes back to Canada, I will for sure take more SIPS courses.  But for now, I am feeling well equipped and instead want to focus on practicing and learning more about the body and nutrition.  I am registered in the ABE program at Okanagan College to upgrade/re-do my high school science classes (tuition free!) in an effort to become more knowledgeable about the body and how it works and brush up on quantum physics.  Now that I have practical applications for the courses, I figure I will do a lot better than I did in high school.

When it comes to my own health and wellness, I finally feel I might be in the head space to make some progress with weight loss.  Since the Fall when I had done a lot of healing after my cat died, I have had several people comment on how “good” I look and asking me about the weight I have lost.  The weight loss has been negligible and I note that what they are seeing is most likely the emotional weight that I have lost.  Funny thing is, any time someone has commented on how “good” I look, I actually feel like a bag of shit at that given point in time!

Last year I upgraded my LG Optimus One smartphone to the Nexus 4.  I was wanting a better camera to have with me in my pocket because quite frankly, the LG Optimus One’s camera is crap and took mostly crappy photos.  I am certainly taking a lot more photos with my phone since.  Most of which are from me documenting things such as cooking.  As we delve into more RAW, paleo, gluten free and clean eating, I will blog about our adventures in cooking/baking.

I will properly formulate and document my goals to help me achieve all that I want to get done in 2014.  I have been thinking a lot about 2014 over the past six weeks to decide what is most important to me and what (if anything) should be dropped.  Over the past few days, I have been also reflecting backwards.  Initially the thought was just to “coast” in 2014 but over the past couple of days I have reframed it to:

I am just going to enjoy life and be happy in 2014.

What about you?  Have you set goals for 2014?  Are you happy or sad to see 2013 behind us?  Do you set New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you successful with them?

Planning and Re-prioritizing

The problem with finding motivation and self confidence is that now I need to somehow bend space and time and find a money tree so that I can get all that I want to get done in 2013.

Last week when I was thinking about how to go about manifesting my goals for 2013, I came to realize that because I have been so focused since the Summer on blogging and photography, I have hardly opened any of my books on holistic healing ¬†ūüôĀ

Over the past week I have been looking back at my Dreamboard Goals, 2013 Goals Manifestation and trying to start my planning for the year.  First I need to work on finishing up the last few goals and tasks from my list of Dreamboard Goals from last year:

Crystal Healing Courses

The Crystal Dragon College

January 15th was the one year mark since signing up for The Crystal Dragon College. I have already written the exams for the first two levels and I am about halfway through the material for the Level 3 (Master Diploma of Crystal Healing Practitioner). I should be finished within the next week or two including writing the exam.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

On January 17th, I got the “time is almost up to graduate” email which needs to be completed by the end of February. It will be a year February 10th since I registered for the course. I ate up the course material from Hibiscus Moon and passed all of the exams within three weeks. But it was not until this past Thursday and Friday that I finally completed the three crystal healing sessions required to graduate. Felt so good to finally cross that off my list! Now I just have to finish up my last assignment and apply for graduation!

Touch for Health

I was wanting to do my Touch for Health Proficiency this past Fall but didn’t have the finances to do so but will shoot for later this year. ¬†As part of Proficiency, you are required to record five balancings for each of the levels for Touch for Health. ¬†I have completed them for Levels 1 and 2 but still need to do them for Levels 3 and 4. ¬†I will be auditing the courses in April and if I cannot get these balancings done by then, I should get them done during the courses. ¬†Auditing sounds bad but it just means I am taking the course again which is encouraged to help refresh your memory and give yourself more practice. ¬†I find them very beneficial because you tend to forget the simplest balancing techniques outside of just doing a 14 muscle balance.

In the meantime, I will dust off my Touch for Health manual and start working with it more regularly (along with my Crystal Healing).  The next series of Touch for Health classes starts next weekend which I am very much looking forward to because it will get me back into the habit of using it.  The Bach Flower Remedies workshop will be running on the Friday before.  I have hardly looked at my handouts since I took the last one in August of 2011 and need a refresher.


This has been on my todo list for what feels like forever.  I did take a good stab at completing it a year ago but was missing just a few pieces to complete it.  Because I will be going back and re-visiting a lot of books I have read, I know this task will be completed soon along with me applying knowledge to be able to help manifest what I want in 2013.

The good thing is that even though I have not yet sat down to glue the cut outs from magazines onto a large piece of cardboard, more and more my vision for the future has taken form and some of the pieces have already started falling into place.


Because I am re-prioritizing what I will be doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will need to pull back on my blogging and photography.  I have decided to scale back from ten blog posts per month to eight.  This means I will have to ensure I write two blog posts every Sunday and queue them up for the week.

Writing ten per month may still be feasible but I don’t want to stress myself out about it and because I make no money from my blogging, I have to scale back from it. ¬†I have been and will continue to work on writing up one or two blog posts per month which are longer more informational type posts. ¬†I will also look into guest bloggers to help fill in some of the voids.


Photography will have to be a weekend activity and I might allow myself a day or two a month to go out with the camera for a few hours.

Writing the above up makes it seem like a lot of work but when I look at it, I am happy that I will have most of that crossed off over the next week or two!  Enter 2013 Goals Manifestation.

The Transition Period

In looking over and updating my DreamBoard Goals and writing this blog post, I can’t help but notice that the tasks above from 2012 are the completion points for transitioning into my new career. ¬†The ones I am touching on below for 2013 are about me putting all I have learned over the past two years into practice and stepping into the role of Practitioner which is very exciting but also very scary for me.

Exciting because it is a field that I very much believe in. ¬†I am looking forward to helping others facilitate their own healing, reduce stress and manifest what they want in their own lives. ¬†We have gone beyond the tipping point of modern medicine in over prescribing and people getting surgery that although considered “routine” is not always necessary. ¬†People are becoming more and more fed up with being over prescribed medicine and have started seeking out alternatives to toxic chemicals.

But also scary because the past 20 years of my life I have spent behind a computer screen and not having to deal with clients face to face. ¬†I will be going from hiding behind a computer screen to being behind a closed door, one on one with a client. ¬†I am also working in a field in which a lot of people don’t believe in what I do. ¬†I used to also be skeptical of it until I started receiving my own sessions and saw the impact it has had on my own life (and the clients who come into our office).


I have currently set a goal of doing at least two sessions per week.  Worst case scenario, I do one on myself and one on my partner.  Best case scenario is that both (and/or more) of those are paying clients.

Health and Wellness

I have a few sub-points under Health and Wellness that I will push out into a proper goal that will be tracked on it’s own page. ¬†I have felt a mental shift from my last BodyTalk session and feel as though I might FINALLY have the mindset to get into losing weight and exercise. ¬†The fact that it is starting to warm up and get brighter and knowing Spring is just around the corner, I am starting to feel my mindset shift. ¬†I hope to be clearing up our deck over the next couple of weeks so I can get to my weight set.

Because I will be fleshing this one out and setting proper goals with it, I won’t go into much more detail since the fleshing out process has already started on my Dreamboard Goals page. ¬†Most of that will be cut and paste into page I will create for my goals but I will track my weight loss on my Dreamboard Goals page as well.

Boxer Quilt

I had felt very inspired heading into the Winter to complete my Boxer Quilt but have unfortunately not spent much effort on it since my last post other then Unboxing the last few pairs of boxers.  I have set aside some time to work on the quilt and publish an upcoming post on where I am at with it.

Fishing and Finishing

In mid-April, I will re-visit these to see where I am at with my goals and see if anything needs to be added or tweaked.  It will most likely not be until then that I will start back into fishing which I will start researching beforehand.  It used to be March 31st that salt water fishing licenses expired and starting May 1st, there is a six week program that I can take my son to, to learn how to fish.  I am wanting to get my license as soon as they expire for the year and hope to get out fishing shortly afterwards.

What are you goals/resolutions/hopes and/or dreams for 2013?


2013 Goals Manifestation

Midway through December, I started fleshing out what I want to accomplish in 2013 and made some tough decisions.  I was supposed to have taken two other courses in November, another five through May and that is only the first half of the year.  The courses would cost me upwards of $4,000 plus travel costs to Vancouver where they are offered.

I have had to accept the fact that I will not be taking any of them.  I cannot afford them which leaves me quite disappointed.  I am still holding out hope but most likely I will only be taking courses I can audit.

For 2013, I have decided to focus on mastering the skills that I have already fronted the costs for:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Touch for Health
  • Photography
  • Programming
  • Blogging
  • Weight Loss, Weight Loss, Weight Loss
  • Exercise:
    • Geocaching
    • Walking
    • Running
    • Ice Skating
  • Fishing
  • Learning more about Anatomy and Physiology

I am confident that in 2013 I will reach my Fitness and Weight Loss goals which includes changes to my diet and increased outdoor activities.  I am looking forward to getting back into fishing, geocaching, ice skating, walking and finally running!

I am hoping that by gaining confidence and experience with the skills and tools I have already acquired, it will allow me to increase my income as a Practitioner, Photographer and Blogger.  Thus far, I have made about 50 cents from my blogging!

Part of what took me so long to move on from my tech career, was finances.  I kept telling myself that I had to pay off my first career before I could start on a second.  The good thing is that I had a lot of transferable skills that I am applying as an Office Manager in a Health and Wellness Centre which has gotten my foot in the door of the industry.  Now I need to work on building up a practice as a practitioner.  The downside to having changed careers is that I currently make less then 25% of what I used to.  But I am hopeful that someday I will eventually surpass what I was making as a geek.

I really look forward to properly fleshing out, stating my goals and doing the work necessary to manifest them.  All of which I will blog about during 2013!

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013?  Do you write New Years Resolutions?  What successes and/or failures have you had with them?  What will you change in 2013 to be more successful?