MarketSafe – Food Safety for Farmers’ Markets

For years now people have been telling me I should be selling my Canned Peach Salsa.  This just might be the year that I do finally get around to actually selling some of my Canned Peach Salsa.

Peach Salsa

I have been wanting to do my FoodSafe just to have it and as a good refresher course.  It has been quite some time since I learned about food safety in Mrs. Morton’s Food and Nutrition classes in high school.  

When looking for a FoodSafe course online, I came across this one that is geared towards Farmers’ Markets:

MarketSafe is a food safety training program for farmers, food processors and producers who make, bake or grow products to sell at local farmers’ markets, farm gates or other types of temporary food markets.: Open School BC


I will look at taking it sometime over the Summer months when we get to doing our canning and preserves for the year.  We have a lot of jars to fill this year!

Hillcrest Farm Market Cafe

From my commute up Highway 33, we have watched as three new structures went up along the highway where Springfield meets Highway 33.

Hillcrest Farm Market opened late Fall and we finally stopped in last night for dinner on the way home from work.  Although my partner, our son and I have all gone there, last night was our first trip there together as a family.

Unfortunately my cell phone takes crappy pictures, especially when there is not much light so I will have to make sure to take a trip there with my dSLR to take better photos – or go when the Sun is still up.

The food and service was great.  The Veggie Pakora’s were amazing and my cell phone camera does not do this dish justice:

Hillcrest Farm Market Veggie Pakora

I had the Butter Chicken for dinner:

Hillcrest Farm Market Butter Chicken

I left pretty stuffed after showing up starving.  The staff there was quite attentive to our needs and very friendly.  We will definitely be going back again.

Hillcrest Farm Market also includes a B&B, Cafe and Market.  I look forward to seeing the view of Kelowna when the Sun is up.  And especially seeing their produce section full of fresh produce.

Burnaby Village Museum

During our trips to Vancouver, we usually stay in White Rock with my partners parents.  This past trip, we spent the weekend in New Westminster with my partners brother and his wife.

On Saturday, my SIL, son and I headed over to the Burnaby Village Museum.  My SIL had suggested going there because in 2012, admission is free!

For 2012, the Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel is celebrating both the carousel’s and the interurban tram’s 100th year. To celebrate, the City of Burnaby invites all to enjoy free gate admission. Carousel rides are only $2.30 per ride for all ages. (Note: there is still a charge for our special programs – the Spring Break Scavenger Hunt & Haunted Village ). For more information, call 604-297-4565.

I had never been to or heard about the Burnaby Village Museum before so was intrigued to learn more about it:

The Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel is both a themed attraction and professional museum. It provides a visitor experience as well as acting as a heritage resource for Burnaby, the Lower Mainland and the Province of BC. It is a community museum with an outdoor collection and exhibit areas along with an archives, gift shop, gallery, collection storage and community meeting spaces.

My son had a “map” and was our own personal Tour Guide:

Tour Guide

We spent about an hour walking around and viewing the various exhibits.  My son was most interested in taking photos with the “says hello” booth that was in the Carousel area but was not into riding the Carousel itself.  I did not mind him wanting to spend so much time in there because it was very hot outside and this building was thankfully air conditioned!

The exhibit that I was most interested in, was the Interurban Tram #1223:

Interurban Tram #1223

Interurban tram car 1223 moved people and goods throughout the Lower Mainland between 1913 and 1958. Electric railway service in the region ended in the 1950s, replaced by buses. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, the 1223 was preserved and restored.

Afterwards having visited all of the exhibits, we walked over to the Burnaby Village Farmers Market where we enjoyed shaved ice flavoured with Root Beer, Mango and Pina Colada from Kani-Kei Shave Ice.  Unfortunately I did not snap a picture of this massively top heavy treat that also had ice cream and one gummy bear on the bottom.  It was perfect after our 10-15 minute walk over in the heat!

We walked back to the car still parked over at the Museum and we were tempted to go back to the Farmers Market to grab another one to cool off from the walk back to the car.

What is your favourite family friendly activity that is either low or no cost?