Trekking into Fall

Life is a journey of several million steps – both metaphorically and literally.

Throughout our lives, we plot out varying destinations (goals/hopes/dreams) and those of us that are keener’s, might actually plan the trails we would need to take to arrive at those destinations (goal setting/planning).  While we may or may not ever arrive at those destinations, I think it is pretty safe to say, that very rarely do those footprints exactly match, step by step, the ones we (may have) plotted out.

I believe its natural in our lives to remap out those trails and to add and/or remove destinations that no longer serve a purpose.  Some might refer to those as “failures” which is a word that has such negative meaning attached to it.  But without those “failures”, we might not ever find success, re-prioritize and/or in the process, discover who we are and who we are not (at least, at those points in time).

I am used to failures and it took me many years to realize that those failures were just indications that I was wanting to become someone I was not (a corporate junkie with an MoT MBA, sipping on my Starbux).  I had the greatest of intentions and really did want to climb the corporate ladder.  As I have come to understand (although I admire those who go that route), it is not who I am and did not sit well with my core values.  My working in a corporate environment was like sandpaper on a babies bottom.

I initially had an extremely hard time of letting go of those dreams and aspirations I had about my now former career.  The more I realized why I was “not successful” in a corporate environment, the easier it became for me to push aside those goals and replace them with new ones.  This is not to say I had no success in a corporate environment, I had several, just very few that were ever acknowledged and I have little appreciation for those who are unappreciative.

The straw that broke the camel’s back on my tech career was working 24 hours of OT one weekend to ensure a flawless launch on a project that would have been scrapped (along with a few hundred thousand dollars down the drain) had I not ensured the launch was successful and not rolled back to the previous version (which did not happen).  Instead of praise, I got a kick in the ass for having worked so much OT – coincidentally enough, a corporate expectation and the only OT I ever worked at that job.

I look for the positives in everything in life and the positives were ending up on LTD a few days post launch, buying my Canon T2i with the OT pay, creating the time needed for me to delve into the world of holistic healing and most of all, that final nail in the coffin of my tech career.  I sure was not planning on a career change (although I had wanted one for years) but that was where my life trails began remapping themselves as I re-prioritized what was important to me 2-3 years ago.  I have never looked back or regretted my decision to not return to that job.

Because of my experiences in the corporate world, I have been very fearful of “failures” as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  Confidence and fear of failure has unfortunately fed into it taking longer then I had hoped to get to the point I am today of being ready to start seeing clients.  While I had hoped to be further into my new career by now, there were a few side treks I had to make first along my journey in life – each of which I am thankful for.

Now that I have those side quests of the Summer behind me, I am falling into Fall where I find comfort with the changing of the seasons to Fall.  I will over the next few weeks be taking more SIPS courses in Vancouver, re-visiting my goal setting and returning to Kelowna to fill my role as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

I am exactly where I am meant to be right now.  And very thankful for that.

Photographs: Post-Rain Fall Day

I have to admit, that for the past two Falls here in the Okanagan, I have been very disappointed that I finally have a dSLR camera and when the Fall colors are at their peak, the weather becomes absolutely miserable.

Today as I look out the window, I see what is left of the snow from yesterday melting and pouring off of my neighbour’s roof.  Around the same time that we started receiving heavy amounts of rain, the colors in our trees were finally getting to that amazingly bright red color.  I kept looking at our driveway displeased that these beautiful leaves were there set on the spotted black pavement but it was pouring with rain and I did not want to take my camera out in it.

Thankfully I got home on October 30th when the rain had finally ceased, the dark clouds were becoming lighter and there was a glimmer of sunshine so I could snap up these photos:

Post-Rain Fall Day, a set on Flickr.

Before I finally got a chance to take these photos, I kept seeing the huge, wet, delicious looking water droplets on the grass, leaves and roses.  I had decided to do this shoot just trying to capture as much water droplets as possible.  It made me realize I really should have a topic of some sort before heading out with the camera because since taking these photos, I have realized part of the reason I am not out with the camera as much as I would like to be, is because I cannot decide where to go to take photos.

Looks like it might be time for me to drag out my photography books and magazines as well.

Dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Over the past two weeks, I have been starting to close my eyes and think about the time of year I enjoy the most:  Fall.  In the Okanagan, Fall only last a few weeks but is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s hard to believe it’s just around the corner and only four weeks away.  We were blessed last Fall with one that lasted several weeks longer then normal and I was in heaven!

I can’t wait to get out with my camera this year to capture the changing colors as Mother Earth closes up shop for the Winter.  I look forward to crispy cool mornings with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.  I look forward to life going back to having a regular, weekly routine.  I look forward to hearing my son say, “I LOVE AUTUMN” as he jumps in the giant piles of leaves that we’ve just finished raking.

A giant smile crosses my face whenever I think about being downtown along Bernard (or SOPA) on my days off, during mornings that are below 20 Celsius, sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte that warms my hands while I read.  I have so much reading to catch up on and it’s not so much catching up, as it is getting through the giant stacks of books and magazines I have acquired since going on LTD in December of 2010.  Another to-do list is in order for me to prioritize for the Fall.

But, before I get ahead of myself and jump into Fall, I need to enjoy these last four weeks of Summer and my last two weeks before heading back to work.  There is a part of me that wants to go home to Parksville one last time before school starts but also a part of me that wants to just sit back and relax.

Either way, my partner still needs to finish the dissertation in the next two weeks before school goes back in and I need to prepare myself for heading back to work!