Dim Sum at Yamato in West Kelowna

After our last trip to Yamato West Kelowna and seeing that they have Dim Sum on Saturday and Sundays, my partner wanted to head back for Dim Sum.  I myself have had Dim Sum three times before and two of those experiences was not very pleasant for me and one was bearable.  This always has me hesitating to try it again but figured I would after having checked out the menu.

Beef Short Ribs:

Beef Short Ribs

Chive and Prawn Spring Rolls:

Onion Prawn Roll

Papaya Bubble Tea:

Bubble Tea

And of course, Sriracha Hot Sauce:

Sriracha Hot Sauce

Now, this is the reason I have never been a fan of Dim Sum:

Chicken Balls:

Chicken Balls

Prawn steamed dumpling:

Prawn Dim Sum

I love chocolate but I am also a texture person.  Even if the above had been made of chocolate, I still would not have liked it.  I enjoyed the Chive Prawn Spring Roll and the Beef Short Ribs, but anything else reminded me of exactly why I am NOT a fan of Dim Sum.

I tried and ate everything we ordered and for the most part, the flavours were great but the texture and feeling afterwards was enough for us to not want to go back again.  Please keep in mind that I am not a Dim Sum fan to begin with and normally would not even try it.

The flavours of the food was good and if it weren’t for me and my issues with gummy textured food, I would most definitely have it again.