Enough is Enough – or when will it ever be?

Going through the cycles I have throughout my lifetime of trying to improve myself, I sit and wonder at times at what point enough will finally be enough.

I know the effect consuming dairy, sugar and wheat has on my body.  I know how much better I feel when I cut out “the big three” and watch the scale as pounds seem to melt off of my body with no effort other than these dietary restrictions.

While I shake my head as I watch my wife dealing with her obsession of eggnog every Winter when she drinks liters of it and pays for it dearly, I myself keep eating wheat and dairy, sometimes both together in large amounts, knowing my body is going to scream at me later and almost every time, it does.

Now, before you just scroll down to comments and start blasting your “science” about “correlation” and “causation” and all that crap about the “gluten wheat dairy myth”, unless you are offering to rub my belly and a soft roll of TP, I don’t need science claiming that there is no evidence to support the fact that, after I consume wheat/and or dairy, that I am nine times out of ten, doubled over in excruciating pain because there scientifically is no “correlation of my causation” to my now dying a slow painful death from the inside out.

So one has to wonder, if you know this is the case Jake, why oh why do you keep putting this crap into your body?  When will you ever learn??