2012 Accomplishments

I must admit that I created this list for myself more than anyone else.  Why?  Because I felt as though I did not get a lot accomplished this year.  I spent the first three and a half months of the year pacing around the house waiting for them to phone with a surgery date.

As we got into March, I was really getting antsy and decided to touch up my resume and look for a part-time job.  The downside was knowing I was at the top of the surgical wait list and questioned the point of looking when I knew I would have to quit almost as soon as I got a job.  Because of the length of time working and needing upwards of two months to recover from surgery, I knew medical leave from a new job would not be an option.

My 2012 in Review:

  • January
    • Reading / Researching
  • February
    • Registered with The Crystal Dragon College
    • Finished Five Touch for Health Proficiency Balancings for Level 1
  • March
    • Registered with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy
    • Touch for Health Level 3
  • April
    • Surgery date booked
    • Passed Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Exams x 10
    • Touch for Health Level 4
    • Touch for Health Practitioner
  • May
    • Brain Formatting Class
    • Surgery prep including lots of chores around the house/yard
    • Moved around rocks for 8 hours in 35C heat
    • Grew (mostly) Green Grass!
  • June
    • Long awaited surgery
    • Pain-free recovery (still have full bottle of T3’s)
    • Lots of reading, smiles and restricted movement
  • July
  • August
    • Started regularly using my dSLR
    • Took my son to the water park for the first time
    • Volunteer Coordinated Okanagan Pride
    • Landed first job in Health and Wellness Industry
    • Canned 46 jars of Peach Salsa
  • September
  • October
  • November
    • Re-launched work website using WordPress
    • Touch for Health Five Element Metaphors
    • Goal Completed:  Publish 50 Photos Per Month to Flickr over 3 months
    • Three contract websites and WordPress tutoring
    • Completed my very first tax return (I normally pay someone else)
  • December
    • Back to volunteering with the Okanagan Pride Society
    • WordPress tutoring
    • First time home for Christmas since moving here in 2008

On top of the above tasks I accomplished, there are a few more accomplishments through the calendar year that happened in 2012:

  • overcome the last of my anxiety and depression
  • healed quickly and painlessly from major surgery
  • doing things that social anxiety prevented me from doing
  • increased confidence in muscle testing and as a holistic practitioner
  • motivation and confidence with my work
  • continuing on my path with holistic health

Because I have never been one to make “New Years Resolutions” and noticing that 2013 is approaching quite quickly, I have already started working on my list of what I would like to manifest in 2013.  From the success I had in achieving almost all of the goals I set in the latter half of 2012, I will do the same for 2013 over the next few weeks.

Do you set New Years Resolutions?  Do they work for you?  Do you have a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2013?  Feel free to share in the comment section of this post!