Meanwhile, Back in Kelowna

Wow.  I know, what an amazing way to start off a second post in a row.

My being able to take SIPS and N.O.T. was pretty last minute even though I had wanted to take the courses but did not think I would be able to.  Thankfully finances came through at the last minute and I was able to take them.

When I sat down yesterday and looked at the calendar, I realized it was the first Saturday in five weeks that I had been home in Kelowna.  Wow.

The past five weeks have been a bit of a blur.  The downside to taking the courses is the loss of income but was the price to be paid to be able to make more money in the future.  The upside is that I now feel better equipped to take the next step to becoming a Practitioner which yes, I technically am but I won’t feel like one until I have paying clients on my table.

There is always one great benefit to taking these courses – the work you receive during class.  One of the most amazing things I find about specialized kinesiology is that whether it is the Practitioners first or 1,000th balance, the results are the same.  Yes, they have to hit the right points and of course, the more experience and knowledge the Practitioner has, the deeper into issues they can go but just doing a basic balance yields the same results regardless of experience.

Easter is the last foreseeable weekend I will be out of town.  I will be heading down to pick up my partner and son from White Rock.  The weekend before, I will be driving them halfway down so they can spend one of the two weeks of Spring Break with my partners family.  Other then that, I am hoping to not leave Kelowna before (hopefully) more SIPS courses in September in Vancouver.

Coming up next…

One area I have felt that I really need to take up slack in, is anatomy and physiology.  I will be spending one day a week studying and one day a week practicing.  I am hoping by the Summer that my income will increase from working as a Practitioner.  At some point, I will have to give up my role as the Office Manager.  This is very scary because the safety net of secured income will be gone and I might not know for sure how many clients I will have booked, let alone, how many of them will re-book appointments.

Until I reach that point, I am not going to stress about it and just focus on equipping myself as best as I can before starting out into uncharted territory.

Wish me luck!