Hillcrest Farm Market Cafe

From my commute up Highway 33, we have watched as three new structures went up along the highway where Springfield meets Highway 33.

Hillcrest Farm Market opened late Fall and we finally stopped in last night for dinner on the way home from work.  Although my partner, our son and I have all gone there, last night was our first trip there together as a family.

Unfortunately my cell phone takes crappy pictures, especially when there is not much light so I will have to make sure to take a trip there with my dSLR to take better photos – or go when the Sun is still up.

The food and service was great.  The Veggie Pakora’s were amazing and my cell phone camera does not do this dish justice:

Hillcrest Farm Market Veggie Pakora

I had the Butter Chicken for dinner:

Hillcrest Farm Market Butter Chicken

I left pretty stuffed after showing up starving.  The staff there was quite attentive to our needs and very friendly.  We will definitely be going back again.

Hillcrest Farm Market also includes a B&B, Cafe and Market.  I look forward to seeing the view of Kelowna when the Sun is up.  And especially seeing their produce section full of fresh produce.