Nestling in for the Winter

With the last of our trips to the coast for this calendar year now behind us, we are nestling in for the Winter and should not be venturing too far from Kelowna until “The Big Thaw” in the Spring.  As much as we love our friends and family on the coast, we hate the white knuckled drive through the mountains in the late Fall, Winter and early Spring.  I finally caught the show #highwaythruhell (which features the Coquihalla – our main travel route to the coast) and I feel better about our choice to avoid that highway when its cold and icy.

With the changing of the seasons comes the reminder that change is the only constant in life (see what I did there).  I have been cleaning up our house and yard lately trying to get rid of the old to welcome the new into our lives.  Not sure why I feel the need to state that I have undergone a lot of changes in my life over the past several years but realize that there might actually be people reading my blog who do not know of all those life changes.  It has become time to get back to where I was before my life took a major side quest and I became a man.

Before that major side quest, I had just lost 65lbs and started to rediscover the athlete in me.  But the side quest came up, I became severely depressed and put every single pound of that weight back on.  Because I had had such great success with WW, I tried it again but their new program had me gaining rather then losing weight.  I have had a hell of a time trying to lose weight since then and have felt there is more to it then just “diet and exercise”.  With a new found passion for holistic health, wholistic food and Earthing, I cannot help but feel as though I need to “walk the walk and talk the talk” if I am to fully embrace it as well as not only being successful in my new career but also a success story which would be the basis of me marketing myself.

While I really loved my time in Vancouver and fully embraced big city life, it was a very superficial life I was living.  When we first moved to Kelowna, I really missed Vancouver and wanted to move back there.  But at some point that all changed and have next to no desire to ever live in Vancouver again.

I used to be a Starbux loving corporate junkie who used to scoff at the “hippies”.  I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, have initials after my name and own a grossly over-inflated flat about the size of our shed.  While I still miss the transit system, part of the allure was being able to put on my sunnies, plug in my earbuds (even if no music played) and hide behind a magazine and just blend in with the other thousands of people I crossed paths with each day.

Back then, it worked for me.

Now, I want to connect with people and have real face-to-face relationships with them.  I want to sit on rocks in front of waterfalls to meditate, work in my bare feet or sit in a cafe and either think or not.  Slowing down has been a major change from my former corporate lifestyle and taken me several months to finally calm and clear my mind.  Being able to not have this feeling of always having to be working or thinking about something has been so amazingly freeing.  Even though this calendar year has been full of its own stressors, the rest of the stress in my life has literally melted away.

The biggest catalyst in that was declaring bankruptcy earlier this year.  While in terms of money, this is the second to lowest paying job I have had in my adult life (lowest was working part-time at Blenz), this year is the richest I have ever felt in my life.  I have so much more gratitude now for what I spend my money on rather then feeling empty from all that went onto those credit cards (the illusion of money) when I lived in Vancouver.  Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoyed watching live Vancouver Canucks hockey and all those concerts I went to.  But, did I really need to spend my Sunday afternoons drinking $100 worth of martini’s, eating out as much as I did or all those electronics that I replaced only a year or two later?

Evolution as another layer sheds while metamorphosis takes us into Fall.

Even with so many great changes that have occurred in my life since walking away from corporate life, there is always room for more changes to be made.  I had started writing this post on Sunday about looking into wholistic dietary changes but the post has morphed into something else and I have cut and pasted most of it into another post I will work on.

As I nestle into and work on embracing the cold that is hitting us earlier than normal this year, I see a lot of studying and research about to commence in my life.  Most of which will be posted elsewhere (but referenced here) as I work on building up a name for myself in the field of Health and Wellness.

We got a new kitten last Wednesday:


His name is Domino and I must go home now to ensure he and the other cat have not torn the house apart in my absence!