An unscheduled break

I certainly was not planning on taking a two-week break from blogging but I am certainly glad I polished off and scheduled the two posts I did in mid-December that published on the 21st and 31st.

I was also certainly not planning on neglecting my camera for the month of December either!  I am disappointed that I have not yet (as of writing this post) uploaded a single photo to Flickr in December after being on a roll since July.  I know I have a few photos I could have uploaded but unfortunately did not get any work done the last two weeks of December.  I do still have the day (December 31st) to get 50 photos worthy of publishing to my Flickr account.

I have a few hundred older photos to go through and see what can be uploaded to Flickr but I was not wanting to “pollute” my numbers.  For several years now I have been trying to decide what to do with my digital photography and finally this past year, decided to use my Flick account.  Some of the photos I took over seven years ago and with the photography goals I set this year, I was waiting until upgrading my account to publish those photos.

This afternoon/evening, I might work on uploading photos I took prior to July of 2012 and had not yet uploaded to my Flickr account.  This will mean firing up my partners old Mac Mini and attempting to get them onto an external drive.  I also need to go back and properly tag my photos and organize them better.  This was another restriction on the free Flickr account which restricts you to only being able to see the last 200 photos published to your account (and the other reason I had not uploaded the older photos yet).

In December, I was going to upgrade my Flickr account to Pro and was happy that when I logged in last night, I hadn’t.  There was a Flickr gift of essentially the Pro account free for three months.  The plus to not having upgraded yet, is that I get three months for free!  Sometimes it pays to procrastinate!

But sometimes it does not pay to procrastinate.  Because of this unscheduled two week break, I have not had a chance to work more on my 2013 Goals Manifestation.  I was wanting to flesh more of this out today but unfortunately, I am battling the inevitable sickness I always seem to catch when I go home for a visit.