Winter Solstice 2014

I am excited that the Winter Solstice is coming up Saturday!

For the most part, I get why people (particularly kids) get excited for Christmas.  My excitement about Winter Solstice comes from knowing that Mother Earth has reached the farthest part of her journey away from the Sun and will soon be heading back towards to the Sun, warmth, longer days and the rebirth of the Earth (in the Northern Hemisphere). 

What is the Winter Solstice?

The Solstice is however, the complete antithesis of what has now become Christmas in contemporary society. Also known as ‘Yule’, the Solstice is generally celebrated on the 21st of December, (although the astronomical date changes from year to year – this year the actual Solstice takes place on the 22nd, at 00.22a.m). The Winter Solstice is the shortest day, and longest night of the year, and is the traditional time to celebrate the truly important things in life: your family, your children, your home and looking forward to a wonderful year to come. 

Yule is a time throughout time that honours love and new birth, as well as the collective unity of man. Just as Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, Yule celebrates the birth of the Sun God – child of the Goddess in the Pagan belief system. Yule is primarily the celebration of the rebirth of the Sun. Many people associate the Winter Solstice, or winter itself with death, as it is the season in which nature is dormant, and in which many plants die off and crops are scarce. Conversely, the Winter Solstice, although it is the longest night, (boasting more than 12 hours of darkness), it is also the turning point of the year, as following this night the sun grows stronger in the sky, and the days become gradually longer once more. Thus the Winter Solstice is also a celebration of rebirth, and there are many traditions that stem from this perspective.  – Read more

I have the date marked on the calendar for me to take the turkey out of the freezer.  I have not yet fully planned out our dinner but know it will include two of my favourite recipes:

I am sure the roasted Brussel sprouts will make an appearance:

Skillet roasted brussel sprouts

We already have several pie shells in the freezer for making turkey pies to freeze which never last very long in our freezer.

My sons last day of school is a half day this Friday which means we will make gifts to send home to family and do some baking.  Last year we made the snowman paintings:

Crafty snowmen

Do you celebrate anything at this time of the year?  What types of activities do you do with your family?

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