Uncertainty for 2013

By Spring 2013, there will officially be a Doctor in the house as my partner completes her PhD program.  The downside to this is that UBC has an unwritten policy of not hiring their own graduates which means we will more then likely be moving from Kelowna by next Summer dependent upon where she finds a job.  There is a slim possibility of us still being here but at this point, I am not getting my hopes up and mentally preparing for an upcoming move to somewhere I might hate even more then I did initially with Kelowna.

The first two years we lived here, I absolutely hated it and really wanted to move back to Vancouver.  The goal initially was for us to move here for the time needed for her to graduate and us to move back to the coast, pending a job, upon graduation.  But something I never thought would happen did about two years ago:  I fell in love with Kelowna.

Chin up

I found community, friends, a new career and so much about me has changed since moving to Kelowna – so much changed that it had me revolting against Vancouver once I finally settled into Kelowna.  I also underwent a lot of changes while I lived in Vancouver for eight years and I don’t know that I even “fit” there anymore.  One of my biggest fears about moving back to Vancouver, is raising our son there.

I will admit that I have been somewhat back and forth about wanting to stay versus moving back over the past two years.  There are so many pros/cons to being here versus there but the ultimate factor will be where my partner gets a job teaching and/or doing research.  My bigger fear is us moving Easter and further away from our friends and family.

There used to be one major con to moving away from Vancouver:  work in the technology industry.  Pay between Vancouver and Kelowna is disgusting:  I left Vancouver making over $30/hr with great benefits (100% unlimited chiropractor, massage, etc.) and started out in Kelowna making just over $21/hr with crappy benefits (80% to max of $500).

While it is always good to know that I have my tech career to fall back on, it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.  The plus is that even though I am not yet making any money as a holistic practitioner, I am managing an office which means I would have that to fall back on, if not, being a barista which I also love.  I know that work wise I will probably never make what I topped out at in Vancouver ($100/hr on contract), I should hope to never have such a stressful job again because it was not worth the money.

While there is a lot of uncertainty about where we will be eight months from now, I am trying to view it positively knowing that change is good and that we will end up where we are meant to be.

I do have a few options for making money:

  • holistic practitioner
  • office administration
  • photography
  • blogging
  • barista
  • contract tech work (WordPress, php)

but there is always that fear of when and where the next pay cheque is coming from.

While I have only ever made money with three of the above, I am hoping that will change in the future.  One of the benefits to being self employed is that if you lose one stream of income, you have others to lean on.

In the meantime, I will continue working on myself, my blogging, my photography, building up my practice as a practitioner and touching up the house in the event that we do have to put our home on the market.

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