Smoked Salmon, Avocado Eggs Benedict

One of the foods I have been trying to cut out of my diet from what has come up in my healing sessions is wheat.  I don’t have to go completely gluten free but I am supposed to avoid wheat.  Cutting bread out will also be beneficial for losing weight.

I have always loved making brunch on the weekend (although I have not made it nearly as much as I used to).  My favourite has always been to make Eggs Benedict and fresh pan friend hash browns.  Instead of the staple ham, I usually make sauteed veggies.

Recently I was looking online to find out what I could substitute the toast out with and came across suggestions such as polenta, couscous and potatoes in varying forms.  I am yet to try polenta and did not want the texture of couscous with this dish.

The one thing I look forward to over the holidays is the cold smoked salmon I get from my Dad.  He has always made his own traditional smoked salmon and bought the cold smoked as a treat when a friend has some in stock.

Another change I have made to my diet over the past few years, has me making food from as close to how it has come out of the Earth as possible.  When looking for toast substitutes, I was also looking for a hollandaise sauce recipe which I have not made from scratch since I was in high school.  There is a local restaurant here that makes pretty amazing hollandaise sauce and I have wanted to try making again since.

The other thing I was checking out while I was online, was recipes for pan frying potatoes. When I make my own hash browns  I make them in about 1/4″ sized pieces which is rather time consuming.  How they turn out is rather inconsistent so I was looking for a clue as to how to make them better.  Boy am I glad I did!  A tip I came across was to initially cook them on high heat to brown them and then turn them right down and covering with a lid to finish cooking them the rest of the way through.

I must admit, that I think this was probably the best brunch I have EVER made:

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Eggs Benedict

I was skeptical of using the potatoes but it was a perfect substitute and something I wish I had tried much, much sooner.  I did cut them into much bigger pieces then when I make hash browns.  The smoked salmon and the homemade hollandaise sauce went perfectly together on the potatoes that were perfectly cooked and almost melted in your mouth.  The eggs on the top almost made for overkill.  I enjoyed just eating the potatoes, smoked salmon and avocado with the hollandaise sauce on them.

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