Slipping and Falling

Each day we are getting closer to closing out 2013.  A lot has happened this year and I have to admit, I am having a really hard time grasping that it’s Winter.  Okay, technically not until the 21st but we have had enough snow and cold here in Kelowna to declare it Winter.

I have had a lot of anxiety lately about it becoming Winter.  The cold I can handle.  The snow I can handle.  The ice, not so much.  Last year I had a bad fall on the ice and since then, have been petrified of slipping and falling.  Around this time last year, we had a dump of wet snow that turned to ice that didn’t melt until the Spring.  Kelowna was quite literally a skating rink.

Being a holistic health practitioner, I know that being afraid of slipping and falling on the ice is a metaphor.  Having been able to hide behind a monitor for closer to 20 years, I am entering a very different realm of earning a pay cheque.  

I am fearing failure.  I am fearing no clients.  I am fearing slipping and falling.

I know I need to stop letting fear hold me back.  This fear is something I plan on focusing on through the Winter.  I know I also need to let go of why I feel I don’t deserve to earn an honest living.  So many fears and belief systems that I need to dig up and release.

Anyone else letting fear hold them back from achieving their dreams?  What have you done to get through it?  

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