Lost Abandoned Dog West Kelowna

When we were out of town, I posted about Lost Dog West Kelowna.

When we got home last evening, I briefly checked out the damage it had done to our yard because I had an online class starting almost as soon was we got home.  After class, I went back outside to furthur inspect the damage the dog had done to our yard that the neighbour had warned us about coming home to.

There is a giant hole dug in our lawn and another hole that was dug in the rocks.  It destroyed two of our sons balls, a pool noodle and who knows what else I am yet to find.  I can confirm by the burnt grass patches that it was a female dog which of course peed and killed some of the very rare patches of green on our lawn.

While looking around outside, I found a bag of cut open dog food out behind our shed which backs onto a busy road that has a parking space for the hydro box for our neighbourhood.  It is unfortunately the only unit in our neighbourhood that is accessible from said busy road and where I am assuming someone threw both the dog and dog food over the fence.  I can’t see why they would have come in the front gate and left the dog food out behind the shed where it can get rained on rather then on our very large covered deck.

Turns out the dog was not lost but purposefully placed in our back yard – or to put it bluntly, it was abandoned.  Abandoned by someone who felt it appropriate to place a dog in our fenced in backyard not knowing (or maybe they did) that we were out of town for the week.  Thankfully we were not home when this happened because I would be even more angry about the fact that not only had they abandoned a dog in our yard that it damaged, but they would have broken my sons heart because there is no way we could keep the dog – something he really wants.

After confirming with our neighbour that she had not bought the dog food, we confirmed that someone abandoned the dog in our yard.  Poor puppy  :o(

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