I have been off work since mid-December on medical leave and since being off, have done as much as humanly possible to NOT be on the computer.  As an introvert who’s spent most of the past 15 years staring at a computer screen from the time my day starts until I crawl into bed (even at times, when I am home sick from work and/or on vacation), it has been a really nice break!

In my time off, I have been painting, drawing, collaging, taking photographs, looking into natural health and healing (Reiki, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Meditation as well as Tarot) and with that, done a lot of reading.  I bought myself my first digital SLR camera on boxing day which I didn’t receive until mid-February because it was back ordered.

My partner and I spent a fair bit of time between Michael’s and Fabricland getting a lot of great bargains on and after Boxing Day.  I was picking up various different potential new (and old) hobbies at discount prices while we greatly increased the amount of fabric in our house.  In February, we invested in a sewing machine to put the fabric we having been acquiring to good use.  Yesterday being the day I finished piecing together the first top to my first quilt!

Quilt top sewn together

Quilt top sewn together #3

Quilt top sewn together #6

I have not sewn since Grade 8 which feels like a few lifetimes ago and was pleasantly surprised at how much I remembered even though I got C’s in the two sewing classes I had to take in Grades 6 and 8.  I have been reading a lot of quilting blogs which has inspired me to start my own.  It’s nice to finally be reading articles online that interest and inspire me that have absolutely nothing to do with technology or business.

I am just looking at the calendar realizing something else that has been very nice.  It has been 11 or 12 weeks since I looked at let alone wrote a line of code.  That is by far the longest I have gone without doing any programming since before I wrote my first line of code some 13+ years ago.


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