Carry on Kitty

The first week of May began the 12 weeks of my partner commuting back and forth to White Rock for a job at SFU in Burnaby for the Summer semester.  Thankfully having to make the trip a few times for my surgery in Vancouver made three of those trips much more worthwhile.

The downside to so many trips is that our kitties have missed us over the Summer.  I don’t always get my bag fully unpacked and put away right after a trip and sometimes I find two eyeballs staring at me from within my bag:

Mr. Jynx

Not to worry, we do have friends and our neighbour check in on them and depending on how many nights we are gone, they get both their litter boxes changed.  We also leave out a few pots full of water in the kitchen and two bowls of food so they are plenty fed and watered while we were gone.  We planned our trips in/out of town with our two cats in mind, not wanting to leave them any more then we needed to and some of those trips were only overnight.

They even had some excitement outside on our last trip while there was an Abandoned Dog in our yard.  The “kitty room” is the sun room in our place which jets out onto our deck so they would have had full view of the Abandoned Dog in our yard.

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