2012 Winter Solstice

Anyone else having a hard time comprehending that we are just ten days from the end of 2012?

I am still reveling in having had one of my best Summers in over a decade and had just gotten into enjoying the Fall when the snow started falling.

Life seems to just be whizzing by as we creep towards the end of another calendar year.  I was starting to come across those “Top X list of 2012” two weeks ago and just like every year, I chuckle thinking it was way too early for those and then laugh at myself realizing that yes, it really is that time of year (again).

As we have crept closer to the Winter Solstice, I have noticed that it does not appear to be nearly as dark (or cold) as it normally is at this time of the year.  Days have gradually gotten darker, colder and the snow started making an appearance over a month ago now as Winter settles in.  All of which had me wanting to feel depressed because that is normally what happens at this time of the year.  But something different happened this year:  I smiled.

Today is the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day and longest night of the year which means that starting tomorrow, the days will start becoming longer again.  The Earth will start its journey to being closer to the Sun which means more sunlight and more warmth.  In a few months, the Earth will start to give birth to the foods, flowers and other vegetation that we enjoy when the time comes to harvest them.

Winter has always been one of the seasons I liked the least but that has started to change over the past couple of years.  This will be our fifth Winter in Kelowna and I finally bought myself a proper pair of Winter boots.  I am anticipating that this Winter will be much more enjoyable with warm feet!

Happy Winter Solstice!

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