Ploughing Ground Zero to Plant New Seeds

Every once in a while, “life happens” and I lose my inspiration to blog.  My goal with this blog has always been to keep it as upbeat and positive as possible.  I am a “heart on the sleeve” kind of guy and find it difficult to write when “life happens”.

In the next few weeks, I will be reshuffling, re-prioritizing and getting back into a regular schedule in all avenues of my life.  Over the past several weeks, my life has been slowly winding back down to ground zero as multiple layers of stress have peeled away and I have removed the things in life that were not serving a purpose in helping me to move forward and reach my goals.  While removing some of those layers were very easy and relieving, others came after weeks of agonizing turmoil that I had to apply the brakes to.

Growing up, I was a very earthy kid.  Entering into working adult life in a corporate environment, the earthy went out the window as corporate expectations were placed on me.  When I had an office window, I would sit in my cubicle and stare out the window longing to be outside.  As I have walked this path of leading a more holistic lifestyle, I have started to acknowledge how my mind, body and soul follow the seasons throughout the year.  Now that Spring is showing its many signs, the freshly turned up soil in my life is aching to have new seeds planted like a nest full of hungry baby birds.

Slowly but surely over the past few years, I have become more minimalistic and realizing that I need less and less in my life to be happy.  I knew but had to learn for myself the hard way that money does not buy happiness.  Although I still need to clear out a few items from our home, I am quite content with only owning my laptop, dSLR, crystals, books and my massage table.

I have recently changed jobs so that I can be closer to home and working in downtown Kelowna.  While I don’t miss the corporate job I had, I certainly miss being out walking along Bernard Avenue which has undergone major upgrades since I last worked downtown.  I look forward to finally getting back to taking transit to work.  The commute to my last job was rather long and I certainly did not feel like I was treating Mother Earth well by using up so much gas.  Hopefully taking the bus will help balance out the amount of gas I went through with my last job.

Now that the sun is shining, we have a new BBQ and I am getting back on track with life, my inspiration for blogging and photography are starting to return.  While it has been raining and not the greatest weather here the past week, it is a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning.  

We are heading to Penticton to check out the new Burger 55 digs for lunch today.  My camera will be coming with me and I am hoping we get a couple of other stops along the way.

Fingers crossed for a few worthy photos for posting to my Flickr account!


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