FaceBook is Fading to Black

While I was hoping there would be people who still wanted to keep in contact with me post-FB breakup, I certainly was not expecting so much contact information in such a short period of time!  Part of the reason being, I thought it would take me a lot longer then it has to whittle my friends list down (the other being that not everyone is on FB every day).

I sent out my contact information in a private message followed by deleting the friends I had just sent the message to.  I did this in batches of about 30 people at a time and was shocked how quickly I had gotten through about 150 people on my friends list last night.  To ensure I was not sending the message to the same person more then once, I would do a screenshot of who I was sending the message to and cross them off as I unfriended them.

I have to admit that I expected to be getting contact information for other online services (as opposed to cell phone numbers).  The benefit of cell phones over online service’s:  I don’t need an internet connection to connect with people!  I have been known to just randomly text people to tell them I was thinking about them and now I have a larger list of contacts with which to do this.

I had no idea until I finally upgraded to a (dataless) smart phone just over two years ago, that you can text anywhere in Canada for the same price as somebody local!  The great thing about this, is that I can now keep in contact with friends back home (both in the Greater Vancouver area and Vancouver Island) with service that is included free with my cell phone plan.

Because my phone is Android, I have been adding all the contact information I have been receiving into my Google Contacts and attempting to sync that with my cell phone.  I think I might have it figured out and have my fingers crossed that I don’t lose any information in the process of syncing data between the two of them.  I have been scared to touch the syncing features since the last time I changed something and lost my entire phone book.

As I head to bed tonight, my friends list sits at 21.  All of which is family except for four people.  I took care of the need for a FB account for work by registering one for the office today and need to work on “liking” the pages I would share information from, onto the page I manage for work.  There are a few of the pages I will need to find another way of following such as subscribing to their blogs which reminds me I need to find a Google Reader replacement.

I think the next biggest task in my FB breakup, is going to be getting recipes and photos off that I want.  Then I will feel comfortable with closing my account on May the 7th.

Already, life is a lot quieter.

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