Resume and Cover Letter Updated

Happy to report that my resume is very close to being ready to start handing out to potential employers!  Also drafted up a cover letter.  Just need to print both out and give it a good scrub before distributing to employers.

We head back down to Vancouver on Tuesday and are gone for a week, returning on August 7th.  I am planning on starting my job search in the week after we get back from Vancouver and really hoping to be back to work come September.  Because of the economy, my bank balance and listening to people in this town whine about not being able to find work, I am concerned about how quickly I will be back to work.  The economy is quite different now from four years ago when I was being offered employment on the spot.  I am anticipating that with school going back in soon that positions should be opening up for September over the next few weeks.

I have also drafted up an initial Holistic Healing resume in hopes that I can find some leads on gaining employment with my new career.  If that does not pan out, I am hoping to be doing some volunteer work to gain practice with Touch for Health.

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