Bachelor for Two Weeks

My partner is teaching at SFU over the Summer semester on Wednesday mornings so we have had a lot of in and out of town trips to Vancouver which has felt less of a commuting chore because of my surgery and follow up appointments.

Last Tuesday, we headed down to White Rock and Wednesday evening, I came back to Kelowna by myself.  The partner is currently en route to Paris, France and our son, en route to the Rockies with his grandparents.

I have been looking forward to the break in hopes of getting a lot of work done.  My past week has consisted of:

  • Tuesday – drove to WR, early to bed, less then 5 hours sleep (4 hours of driving)
  • Wednesday – SFU, East Van, Metrotown, SFU, WR, Kelowna, 7+ hours of travel
  • Thursday – mostly rest, little work
  • Friday – slept in, worked almost all day, little rest
  • Saturday – slept in, watched baseball, rest
  • Sunday – faerie coffee, rest, little work
  • Monday – slept in, chores, rest, little work

As you can see, lots of resting and not much work.  But, I keep having to remind myself that I am still recovering from surgery even though I don’t (and haven’t) really felt like it other then the first 11 days post op until the drains had come out.

The family gets back into White Rock in a week and I plan to get there by Tuesday evening so my partner has transportation to/from SFU and I will head into Vancouver to work and/or socialize with some friends.  I am contemplating a trip home to Vancouver Island to visit my family and hopefully get work done.

What feels like “little” work done over the past week has been mostly me trying to get organized, clear off plates and really focus on what is most important based on the goals I set in my Back to Reality post.  The worst thing anyone can do when setting goals is set themselves up for failure and I am really trying to focus on achievable goals that will benefit me the most come September.

My goals right now are focused primarily on two things:  Health and Career

Over the Summer while I finish recovering from surgery, I am trying ease myself back into working and gaining traction into my new career while eating healthy and increasing my stamina.  The greatest benefit about the career I am getting into is that while I am working on clients, I receive healing benefits as well.

So, what work have I been doing the past week and will I do over the next week to be working on achieving my goals:

Last week:

  • Started re-reading the Touch for Health book and taking notes
  • Back to eating fresh fruits and veggies, bbq’ing, re-cut out sugar/snacks
  • Resume – bought/returned tablet after headache trying to update resume (and blog)
  • Second blog post in a week (July 1 was actually posted July 6th after tablet return)
  • Pedometer – started wearing it again, last Wednesday’s total of 24,440 steps:


Upcoming week:

  • Write Exam for Level 1 of Crystal Healing Course
  • Photography – long trip down to coast with stops
  • continuing with above

Another key to the health equation is in maintaining hobbies that will also benefit in improving my mental health.  Quilting has been on my mind a lot lately and I think its beyond time for me to start working on another quilt (or two or three)!

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