Breaking up with FaceBook

Since my last trip home to visit my family, I have felt the desire to burst through my skin and push forward with my life.  I have so much I want to do, so much I want to accomplish, so, so much desire to be in a certain place in my life but I really need to pull up my socks, tie up my shoes and start walking the walk.

I have been putting serious thought into de-activating my FB account the past couple of months.  Besides sleep and work, I believe that most of my time is spent on FB mindlessly doing SFA (that’s sweet f*ck all).

“Friendships” on FB feel superficial and as though you are just sitting there watching people’s lives go on without ever really being a part of it other then liking and/or commenting on photos of their kids, dogs and vacations (all of which has somehow made a kid a billionaire).  I was talking to my partner about it last night and as I said to her:

FaceBook certainly is not helping me to live a holistic lifestyle!

Last night, was the first time I had actually started the process of getting myself off of FB and this morning I will set a deadline of May 7th with the significance being that my partner heads down to SFU to start teaching for the Summer after I have an extra long weekend.

My hopes are the domino effect starting next weekend for getting back on track with my Dreamboard Goals which includes getting back into blogging and photography on a regular basis.  FB is in no way, shape or form helping me to achieve my goals and a huge distraction from them – so, it’s got to go.

I have started up a list of several ways people can stay in contact with me after I close down my account that I will send out to people as I whittle down my friends list so I know they have the contact information.  Whether they chose to stay in contact by one of those means is up to them.

The next big time suck in my life is TV.  Not that I watch it much but it is on most of the time I am my laptop.  We are finally getting a PVR box which means my life won’t be ruled by a TV schedule and I can watch the shows I want to watch, when I want to watch them which will mean when I just need to chill out on the futon.

With that, I need to figure out how to consolidate my Hotmail accounts (MSN Messenger) with Skype which is apparently replacing MSN Messenger.  And how to deal with needing FB for work which will probably just mean registering an account for the office.

Sorry FaceBook, we are breaking up.  I am packing up my boxes and moving on because our relationships is not healthy, holistic or productive.

3 thoughts on “Breaking up with FaceBook

  1. Love it… I tend to gather on FB all winter then now with the warm weather I rather like being away from modern tech. I tend to take my cell with me more for the camera effect rather then the calling….

    As a Welsh Druidess I enjoy being out there picking flora and enjoying the fauna. I wish you well on your journey and look forward to more blog post!

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