Hand-printed Snowmen Canvas Paintings

Due to our beliefs around the Winter holidays, we have greatly cut back on what gifts we give which usually includes a card, home baked goods and a homemade craft.

Crafty snowmen

The previous two years we have used sticker type tree ornaments because of their simplicity and my sons age.  He often comes home with crafts made at school based on hand-print based paintings (and used to also come home with the sticker ornaments).

This year on FB we came across snowmen paintings that were tree ornaments.  I went on the hunt to find the recommended size for the ornaments but could only come across ones that were double the size.

Crafty snowmen

Because of the size, we did not glue gun the ribbons on so they could hang on the tree.  I had the thought of finding frames for them but never got around to doing it.

We tucked the paintings in with the cards and also made Soda Cracker Toffee that we placed into baggies.

Did you make hand made gifts to give out over the holidays?  If so, what did you make?

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