Mission Creek Park

We finally made it to the Kokanee Salmon Run at Mission Creek Park before most of the fish had started dying!  We have made it a few times over the past four years but usually not until most of the fish had already died off.  Yesterday was the first time we saw very few dead fish.

Kokanee Salmon Run

Kokanee Salmon Run at Mission Creek Park, Kelowna

We went for our usual walk around which starts at the Environmental Education Centre where we cross the bridge, head left, cross the next bridge back over the creek and come back down.  On our way up the creek, we came across a lot of squirrels running about on the wooden railings.  I thankfully snapped two photos of this squirrel before it decided to jump ship because there were people walking from the other side of it:

Jumping Squirrel

Jumping Squirrel ship from the railing.

We knew there were bears in the area as there normally are at this time of the year because of all the Kokanee Salmon in the creek.  This fact was emphasized by five giant piles of bear scat we passed during our walk.

Mission Creek

Mission Creek view from a bridge.

Every time I visit, I ask myself why I do not visit Mission Creek Park more often.  I was going on hour long walks there in the Spring.  Perhaps it is time that I start doing so on my Tuesday/Thursday mornings off.

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