Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede

Our fifth Summer living in the Okanagan and we finally made it to the IPE (Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede) in Armstrong.  I had been wanting to take our son to the PNE in Vancouver but the timing has not worked out the past two Summers.

IPE Barn

The cost of the PNE when I first lived in Vancouver was only $6 and is now up to $20.  Our family of three would have cost $40 at the gate (with free admission for our son) plus travel expenses.  Our gate fees were $26 at the IPE with a student discount for my partner and our son getting in free.  We went with two other family members who suggested we get stamped en route to the parade so we would not have to deal with the line up of people entering after watching the parade.

IPE 2012 Parade - Bag Piper

Our first few Summers in the Okanagan, we went to Lumby Days, really enjoyed it and could not believe the amount of candy at the parade.  I think going to parades in larger cities had put me off of them.  Yesterday reminded me of one benefit to being in a smaller town:  friendlier people and less corporate advertising.  Although I wouldn’t normally do so, I was leaning up against a truck to help stabilize myself while taking photos.  The elderly couple in the back of their truck did not seem to mind.

IPE Mascot

Normally I don’t spend money on food (other than lunch) when I go to a fair.  People always say “going to the fair is ALL about the food” and I had never indulged.  For lunch, I ate chicken tacos on gluten free shells while we sat in the bleachers waiting for the exotic animal show to start.  During the show we saw a:  zebra, lions, grey wolves, lynx, hare, tiger and camel.  Throughout the afternoon, we shared mini donots, shaved hawaii ice and ice cream and also saw cows and llamas.  Our son even got to “milk” a faux cow.

After the exotic animal show, we headed for the ticket booth so my son could go on a few rides.  En route to finding some rides, we spent $5 on the hammer game because my son really wanted to do it.  He was so proud to have won a blow up hammer (although it took him several whacks of the hammer to even get the game to light up):

IPE 2012 Hammer Time

He rode the roller coaster for the first time and we weren’t too sure how he would react to being on it.  He is either all about “scary” or we need to turn Scooby Doo off because it is “too” scary.  When asked what he thought of the ride, he exclaimed, “That was GREAT!”.

Roller coaster ride IPE 2012

What a great way for our family to end the Summer.  We spent a total of $67 for the day plus the cost of gas.  We had to leave the IPE by 4pm so I could drop them off at home before heading to a pre-season game of the Vancouver Giants vs the Kelowna Rockets.

Vancouver Giants vs Kelowna Rockets Pre-Season Hockey

The Vancouver Giants won in an overtime shootout.  Go Giants!

What did you do on your final weekend of the Summer?  Did you hit up any fairs, parades or other attractions during your Summer vacation?

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