Blog Enhancements

Over the past week, I have been looking at ways to enhance my blog to make it better for my readers while also increasing readership.  If my readership increases, it helps boost my confidence and in turn, I will want to further improve my blog which in turn, helps make my blog better for my readers.

During my research, I came across the following blog post which was review for me but I thought it was a great “to-do list” for those of you also looking to improve your blog(s):  How To Make Money With A Blog

Installed WordPress Plugins:

I finally installed a few WordPress Plugins that I normally use but had not yet implemented on this blog:

I have a few more that I need to look for and install before giving it a rest for a while.

Blog Directories:

I also went about finding blogging directories that I can add myself to.  I was already a member of a few, some of which I had not yet added this blog to.  Being part of a blogging community where there are bloggers with similar interests to you is a great way to increase readership for your blog.

Recommendations Page:

I also published a Recommendations page so that you can see what services and features I recommend using on your WordPress blog.  I am sure this list will increase over time as I find more to add to it.

Contact Page:

I also added a Contact page – obviously so people can contact me.  You can still add comments to individual pages and blog posts but those are publicly viewable.

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