You Are What You Eat

My diet has changed a few times over the years and always towards more healthy and wholesome foods and away from processed foods.  I was in college the first time I made major dietary changes and stopped putting butter, gravy and other such sauces on my foods and switching from 2% to 1% milk.  I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful vegetables tasted without sauces and butter on them!  That’s not to say the sauces my parents made were not delicious because they were and usually made from scratch – I just did not need the extra calories at a time I was gaining a lot of weight.

This past year we have been working on cutting down on the amount of meat and processed foods we eat and replacing it with more veggies, quinoa, chick peas and other higher protein foods.  I have also been trying to eat a lot less white sugar, white flour and cow dairy.

The more I cut these foods out of my diet, the more my body revolts when I do eat them.  My skin breaks out, my belly and sometimes my head aches.  I also notice it on the scale.  When I eat my version of “healthy”, the scale shows weight coming off.  When I start eating foods that are processed, contain white flour and/or sugar and cow dairy, not only does my body revolt, the scale either stops going down or more often then not, goes up.  When I eat crap, I feel like crap.  Garbage in, garbage out.

The interesting thing that has also been happening over the past few months is that when I look at or even think about those types of foods, I instantly feel sick.  The flip-side is that when I see photos of fresh vegetables or wholesome foods (such as the ones I have re-pinned on my Pinterest account), I feel good and my mouth waters.  We made a trip to Keremeos last weekend on the search for fruit to can when I saw acorn squashes and my mouth instantly started watering.

You are what you eat.

I leave this afternoon for Vancouver to take my SIPS Levels 3 & 0 and have feared how I am going to feel with having less control over my diet and trying my best to plan around that.  All I have been thinking about is quinoa salads and roasted chicken. I will be stopping to pick up fresh produce and making quinoa salads when I get home to take with me.

When I was searching for quinoa salad recipes last night, I came across yet another blog about someone who had symptoms doctors could not figure out but after dietary changes, had more energy and felt better but was still not 100%.  She ended up going to a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who said it was parasites she had picked up on a trip to another country.

As hard as it will be to get away from consuming certain types of foods, I have to listen to my body.  The past few months it has been telling me to get onto a RAW, clean and vegetarian diet.  I am thankful to be where I am with my diet because it is pretty close to where I want to be already.  When it comes to certain foods, I have to quit putting my hand back onto the hot stove knowing full well my body will revolt afterwards.  I should know better and need more discipline when I am out of the house.

When I get back from Vancouver, I have a homeopathic cleanse I will be starting and using it to kick off my commitment to eating healthier.  Part of the reason I blog, is to help inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.  That whole “If I can do it, anyone can do it”.  I have always found inspiration from peoples stories; how they have changed, what instigated those changes and how that has made their lives better.

Besides making me feel better, it will also give me something to blog about and take photos of!

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