Road Trip!

Being a Bachelor for Two Weeks, I was trying to decide whether or not to make a trip home and if I did, whether or not to take the longer, “prettier” route down through Penticton, Princeton and Manning Park so I could stop along the way to take photos with my dSLR camera.

Within those thoughts, was hanging out in Horseshoe Bay for a few hours to take photos and eat oysters.  As I drove down to the coast (ended up taking the shorter route, straight through), I realized I could possibly make the 3:10 ferry, if not, spend time in Horseshoe Bay and catch the 5:20 instead.

I just barely missed the 3:10 and was only slightly upset about missing the boat.  When traveling, I sometimes just want to get there by driving straight through and very rarely want to make it a longer trip by stopping to enjoy the route along the way.  Still recovering from surgery and being tired in the hot, humid heat I entered in Hope, I was hoping to get right through to the island but no such luck.

I went to what is now a different restaurant from the YaYa Oyster bar.  I didn’t realized it had changed when trying to get oysters last year to take back to my car which I’ve done in the past but apparently they new owners won’t allow.  After arguing with them about it, I turned around to walk out the door when they finally decided to change their minds but I told them it was too late and continued to walk out.  Today, I really wanted certain oysters but was met with a different list of oysters that did not include the ones I wanted.  I ordered one of each six flavours for my half dozen.

While I sat in the shade trying to cool down on their patio, I remembered that I could have walked a little further up the road to The Boathouse and will elect to do that next time.  It’s not that the oysters were bad, it just didn’t feel or taste the same and after my experience last summer with them, I think I’d rather go for a longer walk to The Boathouse.

I ended up taking 25,663 steps on my trip home:


This is the second 20,000+ steps in the past 10 days!

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