The Chopped Leaf

While out with a friend several months ago, we decided to try The Chopped Leaf (which I was very happy to discover is a franchise from Kamloops).  I had driven past it several times at Orchard Plaza but never stopped in to try their fresh food.

I have been a couple of times since and quite enjoy their Signature Salad which is composed of romaine lettuce, onion (which I decline), cranberries, feta, roasted pecans and croutons with chopped balsamic:

The Chopped Leaf Kelowna

I have tried it both with chicken and prawns and as you can see from the pics, declined the protein on my last trip there.  For some reason, I find their menu a bit overwhelming, at least, any time I have gone, there is a lineup of people behind me which has me defaulting back to the Chopped Signature.

Chopped Signature Salad

I find it unfortunate that the bits I love the most are always on the bottom of the bowl and I didn’t snap up a pic of it.  I suppose it saves the best for last:  the pecans, cranberries and feta all mixed up in the bottom of the bowl.

I will have to venture from my staple salad when I use my Groupon at the Bernard Avenue location.  The three times I went to The Chopped Leaf over the Summer, I wanted to try other items on the menu but eating hot food in 35 degree heat just was not as appealing as a salad.

Now that it is cooling off, I will have to try their quesadilla and soup!

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