Granville Island for Lunch and Crystals

When we went home on the long weekend, we spent a few hours at Granville Island where I had two missions:  take photos and buy crystals.

We first wandered around the market in search of food and I wanted to go with something fresher, cold and healthier:

Three salads for lunch at Granville Island

I ordered the three salad plate for $7.50 plus taxes.  On my plate from left to right:  Fruit Salad, Adzuki Bean Salad and Masala Rice Salad from Fraser Valley Juice and Salad.  The salad I thought I would like the most because of the beans ended up being my least favourite.  To my surprise, I liked the one with black currants the most.

I snapped a few photos while we were sitting eating lunch and then a few more as we wandered over to Dragonspace and then on to The Crystal Ark.  Being close to starting practicing as a Crystal Healer, I wanted to pick up a few of their $9 fill bags to take home with me.

Because it was the Friday of a long weekend, I felt rushed when I was there and was disappointed that I couldn’t wander around afterwards to take photos.  I feel as though I never have enough time to do what I want to do on Granville Island.

The next trip down, provided the weather is good, I am taking transit in by myself and spending an entire day down there to wander around, snap photos and hang out at The Crystal Ark.

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