Genjie Japanese, Kelowna – All You Can Eat Sushi

A couple of friends have completed their move to Vancouver but before they left, there were 12 of us who went for All You Can Eat Sushi at Genjie Japanese Restaurant on Spall Road in Kelowna, BC.

Our ordering was divided into two tables and I am pretty sure the other end of the table ate way more then we did.  If you think these two plates of sushi rolls is a lot, their first order of sushi rolls was even more packed with rolls of sushi then ours was:

Genjie Japanese Restaurant, Kelowna, BC

I wasn’t able to snap photos of our two bills that listed out each item that was ordered individually, but we apparently had 23 orders of calamari!

One of my biggest complaints about having moved to Kelowna from Vancouver, was that when we first moved here there were NO all you can eat sushi places.  Now there are two that I know of and I will definitely be heading back to Genjie with my partner and our son.

Now my complaint can change to the fact that there are no “cheap” all you can eat sushi places in Kelowna.  One of the places I frequented when I worked in Richmond, was $7.95 and even though I don’t eat it, it did include sashimi (raw fish).

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