Cupcakes (not brownies)

My partner has been in and out of town since May due to Summer employment in Burnaby.  I have not gone out for every trip and last week, was trying to put in an order for these:

Back on our menu for the August our Pecan Brownie cupcake – our pecan brownie cupcake baked with caramel and chocolate chips inside, topped with a dollop of cream cheese!!

Thankfully I decided that I really did not need them because the store closest to my in-laws in South Surrey apparently does not carry them.  Imagine my disappointment when I went to grab dessert after my BBQ Poutine from Memphis Blues and having seen these advertised on FB for over a month!  I said I would be back later with my partner as we tend to head to Grandview Corners for a Cupcake by Heather and Lori and a bit of shopping when we are in town.

Normally I go for other flavours but lately have been enjoying just their plain Chocolate Cupcake:

Chocolate Cupcake

My preference has always been having their cupcakes chilled because of how sweet they are when not chilled.  Since the store has opened at Grandview Corners, we tend to sit outside at a table to enjoy them.

What’s your favourite cupcake?  I cannot help but think of Mom when I have this one.

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