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Two years ago when my BIL was in Penticton, he discovered Burger 55 using a restaurant app on his cell phone.  My partner bought a Groupon for Burger 55 and we went there earlier this year with my BIL and SIL.  Ever since that first trip, I crave burgers from Burger 55.

Burger 55 to go

Burger 55 burger and sweet whiskey onion rings to go with packets of Heinz.

My son and I went to Penticton last week for lunch and to play at the beach while my partner was working.  I am yet to go crazy on burger toppings but tend to get the Beef Burger with 55 barbecue, cilantro, roasted garlic, banana peppers and roasted red pepper on a 55 (cheese, herb and onion) bun.

Burger 55 burger

Burger 55 burger with 55 barbecue, cilantro, roasted garlic, banana peppers and roasted red pepper on a 55 bun.

I also enjoy their sweet whiskey onion rings:

Burger 55 sweet whiskey onion rings

Burger 55 sweet whiskey onion rings

And of course, my sons “chicken and fries”:

Burger 55 chicken and fries

Burger 55 chicken and fries

The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here recently wrapped up filming at Burger 55 (You Gotta Eat Here chows down in Penticton at Burger 55) which is estimated to air in early 2013.

I am hoping to make another trip or two to Burger 55 before the Winter freeze.  I was wanting to try their salmon burger with grilled peach during peach season.

Do you enjoy burgers?  What are your favourite toppings?

2 thoughts on “Burger 55 Penticton

  1. Wow! I have seen a couple posts from your blog now about this place and the burgers there look soooo good. I am thinking I will have to track this place down and go try it. There arent many burger places that really stand out anymore! You make it sound so good! Thank You!!

    • They currently have a Groupon running. I was going to get it in the Fall but thought it would expire before we had a chance to use it. Now that it’s back and we’re into January, I might have to pick some up:


      It is just for their basic burger and fries but you can add toppings to the burger which costs extra. Great deal though – can’t go wrong with a flame broiled burger AND fries for $5! I have been craving a burger from there since we last went and might have to make a trip down there soon.

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