Half Dozen Bread at Half Price

Sandwiches are always better when made from a fresh loaf of bread and of course, the more expensive the loaf, (usually) the better the sandwich tastes as well.  In our house, we rarely eat sandwiches.

Sandwiches are beautiful, Sandwiches are fine.
I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time;
I eat them for my supper and I eat them for my lunch;
If I had a hundred sandwiches, I’d eat them all at once.

-Fred Penner

Over the years, I have watched the price of bread become increasingly expensive along with everything else that has gone up in price.  You are lucky to get a loaf of bread made with whole grains for much cheaper then $4 a loaf.  My ex roped me in with the toast she used to make from the $4 potato bread I used to bug her about (that was ten years ago).

While we do not eat many sandwiches in our house, we do eat toast and french toast which does not need fresh out of the oven bread.  Over a year ago, I went to Superstore one morning to buy bread that was on sale and discovered these racks full of bread that were within a day or two of “expiring” and had 50% off stickers.

Country Harvest Twelve Grain

I picked up a few loaves of the bread to see what they were like.  I find that for our needs, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the bread.  When I saw the 50% off stickers, I assumed it would come off the regular price.  To my surprise, they rang in at 50% off of the SALE price!

Yesterday morning, the Country Harvest Twelve Grain Bread I like was on sale at two for $5 (or $2.50/loaf when bought in two’s).  I managed to get there early enough to snatch up six loaves of the bread at 50% off.  This worked out to $1.25 per loaf which is much more affordable than paying closer to the $3.89 it goes on sale for at SOF.  I also picked up one package of whole wheat pitas that were still soft (some of the other ones were quite dry).  For $9.24, I bought 6 loaves of bread and package of pita’s:

Discounted bread receipt

Since discovering I can buy bread on sale PLUS another 50% off, I tend to go when the bread we like is on sale earlier in the morning and grab as many loaves as I can.  When I am lucky enough to grab several loaves, we have bread for a few months.  They go right into the freezer and after taking them out, they last upwards of a week on the counter.

I know they also have other items that goes on for 50% off and really need to find where those are hidden in the store.  When my monthly food budget is tight, every little bit helps.

Do you have frugal tips on how you save money on your monthly food budget?  I know I wish I had coupons to go with this bread but still pretty happy to get nice loaves of bread for only $1.25!