Mission Creek Park: Explore the Snow

I was going to blog about this last Sunday but forgot to get the images off my camera before heading out to blog.

Friends of ours invited us to an event that was being held at Mission Creek Park last Saturday.  This was the first time the RDCO ran the “Explore the Snow” event.  With this being the first time the event had ever been run, there was a much larger turnout then they were expecting.

When we first got there, we entered the ECO Centre and went downstairs to register.  There were multiple craft tables set up and the kids were given a booklet to check off what they discovered during our hike along the trail.  When went outside and up towards the trail, it became evident just how huge the crowd of families was.

Mission Creek Park

The first bit of wildlife we encountered was a flock of ducks.  After watching the ducks and finding a squirrel in the tree, we started climbing up the stairs to a large clearing of mostly untouched (by human footprints) snow.


Because of the size of the crowd and the fact that there were mostly younger children, it took quite some time to get all the way up the stairs to where we were going to see what types of animal tracks we could find in the snow.  Of course, by the time we got there (and we were far from the last heading up), they person guiding us was almost done her talk which she thankfully moved to the back of the gaggle and repeated for the rest of us who were still making our way upwards.

We walked through the (somewhat) untouched snow in search of tracks left by wildlife.  There was a checklist in the booklet we received at the ECO station that listed off the types of wildlife and footprints we could find in the area.  We eventually met back up with the trail and the next set of stairs to go back down which were incredibly icy.  I am surprised that only a few people slipped on the way down.  Again, a large gaggle of people were left behind from the main group.

Sunny Kelowna

There were more activities after the trail hike but our son and his friend were more into hanging out and digging in a giant snow pit near our car.  We let them play for a while in the snow before having to drag them away.  We missed out on analyzing snowflakes and creating a snow shelter but the length and timing of the event was a bit much for our overtired child and we could see other families were also leaving at that point.

The next event they have coming up is Geocaching in Rose Valley that we are hoping to attend.

Thing One and Thing Two

While working on our latest project, I decided I should start blogging about the projects we work on.  I am hoping this means we will work on more projects which in turn will provide content for more blog posts!

Over the years, I have been picking up discounted little craft kits mainly from Michael’s.  As my son has gotten older, I started wrapping them up as gifts for him and they are known as “projects” in our house.  Some of which take a few after school days to complete.

The latest one he got for the Winter Solstice I picked up for less than a dollar out of the discount bin at Michael’s:

Thing 1 and Thing 2

He worked on Thing 1 and I worked on Thing 2:

Thing 1 and Thing 2

We spent less then an hour working on them.  But it will probably take me months to fully clean up after it.  There are small pieces of blue feathers all over the kitchen.


Hand-printed Snowmen Canvas Paintings

Due to our beliefs around the Winter holidays, we have greatly cut back on what gifts we give which usually includes a card, home baked goods and a homemade craft.

Crafty snowmen

The previous two years we have used sticker type tree ornaments because of their simplicity and my sons age.  He often comes home with crafts made at school based on hand-print based paintings (and used to also come home with the sticker ornaments).

This year on FB we came across snowmen paintings that were tree ornaments.  I went on the hunt to find the recommended size for the ornaments but could only come across ones that were double the size.

Crafty snowmen

Because of the size, we did not glue gun the ribbons on so they could hang on the tree.  I had the thought of finding frames for them but never got around to doing it.

We tucked the paintings in with the cards and also made Soda Cracker Toffee that we placed into baggies.

Did you make hand made gifts to give out over the holidays?  If so, what did you make?