Garbage in, Garbage out

Over the past few years, I have heard about and looked into a few different ways of eating wholistic foods which includes:  green smoothies, paleo, raw and clean.  We eat pretty close to these already but there is always room for improvements and I am still not losing weight (not that I am trying at the moment).

Living in the Okanagan, we have access to a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  As I have gone down this rabbit hole of leading a more holistic lifestyle, I have been cooking more wholistic foods, buying less processed food, preserving and wanting to make things from scratch whenever possible.

When food enters our house, I want it as close to how it came out of the Earth as possible.  Our meat intake has drastically reduced and I am having a real struggle with seafood that comes out of an ocean contaminated from the Fukushima fallout.

Nuclear contaminated oceans, genetically modified/engineered, chemically sprayed and processed food.  None of which to me is real, wholesome food, its fuel for cancer and a host of other diseases.  Learning more about our food, where it comes from and how it’s processed, has contributed to me looking into eating wholesome, healthy, real food.

Like I am sure everyone else, I only have so much money in the budget for food.  But, I have never understood this concept of “eating processed food is cheaper than buying fresh produce.”  My monthly budget for food is set at $200 for three of us.  An amount that I used to easily blow (and some) with one trip to a certain local food grocery chain.

Back many moons ago, when I was on WW, I had even less money to spend on groceries but then and even now, I go to a smaller produce store where prices are typically cheaper than the bigger stores, and come home with a fair amount of fresh produce for $20-$40 a week.  It is only when I buy eggs (ironically, which are cheaper at SOF) and dairy that my food bills are higher which is usually only once a month.

I have always been one not to spend money on something unless it’s on sale or I absolutely need it at the time.  The bigger stores have sales cycles throughout the year where their sales prices are even better then their normal sales prices.  When those certain items go on sale, I will stock up with enough to last us a few months.  These items include meat, coconut milk, almond milk, chick peas, frozen vegetables, pasta, bulk food and sauces among a few other things.

Bringing us back to these styles of eating that I have been looking into, we are already most of the way there with our eating habits because we do not eat a lot of processed, junk and fast food.  The worst offenders are sweets, traditional carbs such as pasta and one or two trips a month to Wendy’s and/or Subway where we can make healthier choices.  We already eat a ton of fresh fruits, vegetables and only eat chicken and seafood.

Even being someone who worked with information technology professionally for over 12 years, I get overwhelmed with the amount of information I find online.  Since my last blog post, I have been trying to figure out how to keep track of it all and what to do with all the amazing recipes I have come across.  There are so many social bookmarking sites out there and I have found with most of them, I tend to not use them on a regular basis and forget about them.

The worst thing about digitally keeping track of information is that when the website address changes, your bookmarks are useless and if you didn’t print out your favourite recipes, you are hooped!  I have printed out some of those recipes and the others, I am hoping won’t disappear anytime soon.

I have picked out two social bookmarking sites that I will use and installed them as plugins for Chrome and downloaded the apps to my Android phone.  The two I will be using are (primarily) Pinterest and Delicious but also have StumbleUpon on standby.

I had a great conversation with one of our clients at work when he was last in about eating paleo, raw, green smoothies and vegan which has really inspired me to look into them further.  I like the idea of eating these ways (with the exception of going full vegan) and what I am reading about eating paleo, raw and primarily vegetarian is really resonating with me.

Even with that, I am having a hard time with the no grains when it includes millet and quinoa.  I can do without bread, pasta and other traditional carbs but I love quinoa and millet and have been wanting to get more of it into my diet.

I am hoping as we nestle into Winter that I can ground myself more into eating wholistically and blogging about it to help keep me accountable.  Anyone else out there eating this way?  What have your results been?  I know for myself even now, when I do eat processed foods, sugar and white flour, I certainly feel sick afterwards  :o(