daddy jake is a 40something year old FTM living in Langley, BC with his wife, their son and their kitty.  he can often be found in a coffee shop, sipping on coffee while working on his laptop either blogging, programming and/or on social media.

Jake working

after having worked in a corporate environment for 12 years, he decided that leading a simpler lifestyle with less stress was better for him then working for a higher pay cheque that came at a high cost to his mental health and well being.

Side view Mirror jake shot

Photo credit to my Partner.

after hanging up his shirt and tie, he researched and studied specialized kinesiology, energy medicine and holistic healing while managing a health and wellness center.  at that time, he also explored new hobbies forgetting what it felt like to live a happy and fulfilling life.  this exploration started with quilting and the Canon Rebel T2i he bought with overtime money earned from the successful project launch that was the straw breaking the camels back.

Photo credit to my Partner.

someday he hopes to make money with his programming, blogging, photography, canning and preserves, and sewing.

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  1. Love it Jake….. what do you charge for a quilt looking for a tiger one maybe just eyes something out there that no one will have but not too expensive…. I have a Queen size bed… let me know!

    I look forward to following and sharing your blog…..

    • I have not (yet) gotten the point of selling quilts although I am hoping one day to be in a position to do so. I should really figure out how much the cost of the material is to make one (never mind the time that goes in to making them). I know it’s not cheap considering how much the price of cotton is these days. We picked up a bunch of organic cotton batting for 50% off a couple of years ago before the price was supposed to have gone up.

      When I get to the point of making them to sell, I will let you know though!

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