I wake up for the first Sunday in March to head out to blog at 7am and am met with 4-5 cm of snow on my car.  This, of course, after I broke out the shorts a few days ago.  Happy I was smart enough to put my jeans on but I left the coat at home.

The only comfort in seeing this much snow is knowing that this week should be the last few dustings of it before it’s gone until next Winter!

Buried in snow, buried in Chemistry homework, buried in housework, buried in work and I’ve fallen behind in my blogging (again).  Seems to be the flavour du jour these days:  being buried!

While I have slowly but surely been unburying myself with regards to my mountains of work, I managed to sew together another three blocks for my boxer quilt.  As of last weekend, I am also unburied from a crippling debt load!

As much as it sucks playing catch up, it’s actually nice to be busy again.  I spend too much time on the computer doing not much of anything which was a huge part of the reason I quit FB for all of five months before re-registering again to get sucked back into the void.

Unless Okanagan College adds more classes to their ABE Summer semester, I will be having a crazy Summer.  I had been registered for the evening Biology class this semester but it was cancelled due to low registration.  Brushing up on Biology was the whole reason I decided to upgrade my high school sciences which is tuition free.

Grabbing my shovel to get back at it!