Latest Blog Enhancements

Every once in a while I try to change the template being used on my WordPress blog.  I spend quite a while searching for, installing and testing out new templates but usually don’t have the patience to get everything in them working properly (sometimes they don’t have all the features or required plugins) and end up back to this one.

I have a few blogs I follow on Feedly and lately have found sites that I have pinned several of their recipes to my Pinterest account.  I have found a few that I like the designs of or at least as I have come to realize, the plugins they are using.

Looking at what has always been my default WordPress setup, I felt it was time to change it up.  There are a few items of navigation that I like to have for navigating (categories and archives) and get annoyed when I can’t navigate the way I like to.  Overall, I wanted something more visual and less textual.

Blog Enhancements:

  • Moved image based up and text based down
  • Tightened up spacing for Email signup and moved up
  • Added Pinterest Pinboard Widget
  • Changed categories and archives to drop-downs
  • Moved blog badges up and popular posts and tags down
  • Installed Recipe Card

Most of the enhancements have been with the left hand navigation.  But I did also find and install a recipe plugin to make it easier to print out recipes like I can with some of the recipes I have pinned.  I am still trying to get another social plugin to work without much luck.

I am hoping some of these enhancements will make my blog look more appealing, is more tightly integrated with my social platforms and most of all, more functional.

November 25th Update:  Added the Social Login plugin to make commenting easier